Understanding Mirror Market in One Article: AlienSwap Explores the Endless Possibilities of Ethereum NFT Zero-Gas Trading

AlienSwap Explores Ethereum NFT Trading Without Gas Fees

AlienSwap has launched the Ethereum NFT 0 Gas trading market Mirror Market, as well as the NFT no-code creation platform Create X, NFT 0 Gas Mint, and 0 Gas trading innovation zone.

As the only NFT platform that supports Ethereum NFT 0 Gas issuance and trading, AlienSwap is exploring the infinite possibilities of zero Gas trading for Ethereum NFTs and ushering in a new era of zero Gas trading for Ethereum NFTs.

AlienSwap NFT 0 Gas trading market

Mirror Market is an Ethereum NFT 0 Gas trading solution, including three new products: the NFT no-code creation platform Create X, NFT 0 Gas Mint, and NFT 0 Gas trading innovation zone.

Create X is a codeless NFT creation platform designed to break the boundaries of NFT creation. It has been opened for internal testing to NFT creators/artists. NFT creators/artists can create NFT series freely on AlienSwap through Create X without the need for code, and quickly deploy NFT smart contracts.

All NFTs created through Create X support 0 Gas casting in the AlienSwap 0 Gas Mint section. Users can enter the 0 Gas Mint page through the upper left corner of the AlienSwap homepage, cast 0 Gas for hot NFTs and explore the unlimited possibilities of NFTs.

Not only that, AlienSwap is connecting the complete closed loop of NFT creation, issuance, and trading. All NFT series created through Create X and issued in the 0 Gas Mint section can be freely listed, cancelled, and bought or sold in the AlienSwap 0 Gas trading innovation zone without paying any Gas fees.

Reducing Ethereum NFT trading costs to 0

NFT bear market, liquidity dried up? Yes!

Over 90% of Ethereum NFTs have no active trading players, over 90% of NFT players have left, and over 90% of players are unwilling to pay high Gas fees. A large number of talented creators cannot afford the cost of issuing NFTs on Ethereum.

In the past few months, for NFTs with a selling price of $1-200 on Ethereum, an average of $10-50 in Gas costs is required, and Gas expenditures account for 20%-5000% of the transaction costs. The high transaction costs have reduced the profit and loss ratio of NFT transactions and have become an important reason why the NFT bull market has not arrived.

AlienSwap is attempting to reduce the cost of Ethereum NFT transactions to 0 through innovation on the Mirror Market. All NFT series created and issued through Create X support 0 gas transactions on the Mirror Market. AlienSwap’s innovation in 0 gas transactions for all NFT series in the innovation zone includes minting, placing orders, cancelling orders, buying, and selling transactions, all without requiring gas.

We are opening a new era of Ethereum NFTs, with Mirror Market defined by AlienSwap making 0 gas transactions for Ethereum NFTs possible, and triggering a new round of NFT bull market!

The Unlimited Possibilities of 0 Gas Trading NFTs

Mirror Market 0 Gas trading will unleash the unlimited possibilities of NFTs!

  1. Reduce the cost of NFT transactions on Ethereum to 0. NFT players can mint and trade Ethereum NFTs with zero gas, enabling real-time and high-frequency NFT transactions.

  2. Introduce more liquidity to the NFT market. The essence of liquidity lies in more active players. There are usually 5,000 to 20,000 active NFT players on the Ethereum network every day, but most of them are big holders. Without the participation of ordinary retail investors, the NFT market will become even colder. AlienSwap’s 0 gas transaction innovation will reduce the transaction costs for retail investors, bring in more players to the Ethereum NFT ecosystem, and fundamentally improve NFT liquidity.

  3. Lower the threshold for creators to issue and create NFTs. Ordinary NFT creators usually choose to issue Free Mint or low-priced NFTs to encourage early community participation, but high gas costs are a threshold that users and NFT creators must face. 0 gas issuance and trading lower this threshold. We look forward to seeing an explosion of NFT creators and more NFT ecosystem innovations.

  4. Activate medium and long-tail NFT assets. 99% of NFT prices are below $200. However, in the current NFT transaction cost structure, Ethereum gas costs account for 25%-5000% of asset value, which is the fundamental reason why most NFTs lose liquidity. 0 gas trading will activate and awaken the potential of medium and long-tail NFT creators, users, and assets. Make NFT great again!

  5. Pioneer the MEME NFT market. Everyone agrees that the widespread adoption of NFTs will bring millions of new users to crypto. However, the issuance of mainstream Ethereum NFTs is concentrated in several thousand to 20,000. It is difficult to attract more players with a series of only 20,000 NFTs, but MEME NFTs can. 0 gas NFT trading will break the limit on the number of NFTs, and Ethereum’s native NFTs can have 100,000, 1 million, or 10 million, and NFTs will have tens of millions of active players like DOGE, SHIB, and PEPE.

The era of zero gas Ethereum NFT transactions is coming!