Evening Must-Read An Analysis of 4 Best Performing Volatility Tokens

Analysis of 4 Top Volatility Tokens

1. Golden Observation | Connext’s Witch Hunter Program Provokes Public Anger, Poisoning as the Only Solution?

Last week, when the L2 interoperability protocol Connext updated its airdrop rules, it also announced the Witch Hunter Program, which invites the community to help screen witch addresses and sets 25% of NEXT as a reward. Click to read more

2. Who are the Money Launderers of Tornado Cash? Are they ordinary users?

Over the past few years, I have written many articles about Tornado Cash, a Ethereum-based mixer service, and I found it to be a magical tool. Recently, two members of the Tornado Cash team were sued for suspected money laundering, so I wrote another article. Click to read more

3. The Great Debate: Friend.tech, Social Products, Speculation – Feature or Bug?

This is particularly timely, as August saw the launch and rapid growth of Friend.tech. The app’s model is for users to buy each other’s “Keys,” which are priced on a joint curve, and weekly airdrops of points are given to attract user participation, which satisfies users’ desire for financial returns and provides an opportunity to enter creator group chats. This is not the first consumer crypto app that uses speculation to attract new user interest; Blur, BitClout, Brave, and LooksRare all use some form of speculative interest to guide users or increase liquidity. In addition, many other types of crypto networks and markets also use token rewards to overcome cold start problems and attract early adopters. Click to read more

4. Missed Unibot? Which New Telegram Bots with Potential are Worth Paying Attention to?

If we go back in time three months ago, there was a bot on the market that could provide various DeFi trading tools on Telegram. After entering the wallet mnemonic, it could execute certain commands for you, such as token exchange, copy trading, analysis, automatic airdrop trading, asset cross-chain, and other automated operations. At that time, the price of this bot was only $2.46. Would you buy it? Click to read more

5. Rapid Rebound = Giving Money to Traders? Analyzing 4 Best Performing Volatility Tokens

By observing the market trends in the first half of 2023, I have compiled a list of well-performing volatility tokens. The important criterion for making the list is, of course, volatility. Like other parts of the market, if the market crashes, the tokens will also fall, just less than other tokens. However, what sets them apart is their strong rebound, which often allows traders to earn more than 10% in daily returns, providing traders with excellent opportunities. Click to read more