AzukiDAO New Proposal: Proposed Establishment of NFT Ecological Fund to Acquire Blue Chip NFT IP

AzukiDAO proposes the creation of an NFT Ecological Fund to acquire high-quality NFT intellectual property.

AzukiDAO has proposed the establishment of an NFT ecosystem fund to acquire high-quality blue-chip NFT IPs and revitalize and promote the development of the NFT industry. The fund will focus on public acquisitions, co-governance, and profit sharing to promote true community cooperation. To ensure fair and inclusive community participation, the following measures will be implemented: 1) community co-governance, committed to establishing a truly democratic governance mechanism that allows every community member to participate in major decisions regarding Azuki and other IP acquisitions. 2) Profit sharing and unified management, all profits generated by IP governance, including royalties, IP licensing fees, and product sales revenue, will belong to the national treasury and will be managed by AzukiDAO. 3) Transparent communication and information sharing, establishing an open and transparent community communication channel, regularly sharing the dynamics and decision-making process of the acquisition project with community members. 4) Community construction, inviting community members to participate in voting to select the NFT projects they most want to transform. To thank the community for their contributions, the redesigned NFT will be distributed to community members through airdrops. In addition, AzukiDAO is exploring the possibility of adopting the ERC-661 standard to enhance the composability and usability of NFTs and unlock their potential.