Inventory of Binance Labs Investments: Neutron, Maverick, Polyhedra…

Binance Labs invested in Neutron, Maverick, Polyhedra and more.

Binance Labs has sparked an investment frenzy in 2023. This VC, valued at $9 billion, is known for a return rate of 200x. Cryptocurrency expert KOLEmperor Osmo has analyzed several projects they invested in during 2023 in detail.

1) Neutron is a sovereign chain in the Cosmos ecosystem that utilizes the inter-chain security feature “replication security” of the Cosmos ecosystem. With Neutron, developers can launch smart contracts in an interoperable, secure, and neutral environment. 2) Maverick is developing efficient DeFi infrastructure. Its dynamically allocated AMM can more effectively utilize liquidity compared to traditional centralized liquidity AMMs. Thanks to this efficiency, Maverick’s TVL has grown to $41 million.

3) Polyhedra is building Web3 infrastructure with advanced zero-knowledge proof technology, focusing on interoperability, scalability, and privacy. Their recent collaboration with LayerZero Labs will enhance zero-knowledge proof cross-chain coverage. Polyhedra Network has raised $10 million from Binance and Polychain Capital. Their roadmap is full of integrations as their goal is to integrate zkBridge and SDK into other networks.

4) Mind Network is building a fully encrypted network to protect all data, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence on Web3. Mind’s Trust Data Lake allows end-to-end encryption and access control for all decentralized services and nodes, enhancing security. 5) Gomble is a blockchain-based game developer and a subsidiary of Korean casual mobile game publisher 111Percent. Their first game, Rumby Stars, is a social game that allows you to participate in various tournaments for prizes.