Rollup Sorter Scheme Classification and Comparison

Comparison of Rollup Sorter Schemes

Rollup sorting solutions are hotly debated, each with its own characteristics and target customers. SevenX researcher Grace Deng has classified and interpreted the current sorting solutions.

Single Sorter and POA: A single or a group of permissioned sorters run by Rollups. Advantages: Lowest latency; Disadvantages: Single point of failure; Potential customers: High-performance Rollups like Nova (gaming, social chains) or enterprise-level Rollups like Base; Service providers: Offchain Labs, OP Labs.

Based on Rollups: Anyone can submit an L2 batch to the DA layer (builder) and then the DA layer decides on the final block (proposer). Advantages: Inherits the validity and CR of the DA layer; Disadvantages: Leakage of revenue and MEV, slow confirmation; Potential customers: Ultra sound money Rollup.

DVT x Sorter: Sorting responsibilities are assigned to a cluster, where each node in the cluster signs independent proofs using a portion of their validator key. Advantages: Can be inserted into other solutions to increase flexibility; Disadvantages: Adds a bit of latency; Potential customers: Transitional solution for centralized Rollups or lowering financial barriers for decentralized Rollups; Service provider: Obol Network.

Shared Sorter: Sorter as a service, batch processing transfers for multiple Rollups and submitting them to the DA layer. Advantages: Network effects for multiple chains; Disadvantages: Requires a super builder, difficult to fairly allocate MEV; Potential customers: Those who do not want to launch their own sorter collection but want more activity and interoperability for Rollups; Service providers: Astria, Espresso, Radius.

Building a new sorter collection: Using token incentive mechanisms, create a decentralized sorter group without permission. Choose a solution from POS rotating leadership or a sorter auction. Advantages: Increases the utility of tokens, Rollups can capture most of the value; Disadvantages: Delay, difficult to implement for less well-known Rollups; Potential customers: Need to launch a group of zk-rollups validators, like Aztec Network.