Analysis of Cryptocurrency Investment and Financing Events in April 2023: Which Projects Are Worth Paying Attention To?

Cryptocurrency Investment in April 2023: Which Projects Stand Out?

In April 2023, there were a total of 60 financing events in the cryptocurrency market, with a total fundraising amount of 547 million US dollars. Cryptocurrency researcher Taha | DeFi Research sorted out the financing events in April 2023 and listed 7 noteworthy financing projects.

My thoughts: 1) After the Shanghai upgrade, the next narrative will be focused on protocols built on top of the LSD protocol; 2) After the expiration of Uniswap V3 licenses, many new projects are emerging, seemingly focused on centralized liquidity; 3) Many new projects are researching Web3 marketing, but their revenue models are not yet clear; 4) Like the past few months, many projects are focused on improving user experience, which is crucial for the mass adoption of Web3.

Seven noteworthy projects: 1) Blockchain data indexing platform Satsuma completed a $5 million seed round of financing, led by Initialization Capital and Archetype. Satsuma is a SAAS-based business entity; 2) Web3 co-ownership platform Lore completed a $4 million strategic financing round, led by Multicoin Capital. Lore supports a group of people to share NFTs to expand their accessibility and usefulness; 3) Decentralized real-time communication network Huddle01 completed a $2.8 million seed round of financing. Huddle only allows token holders/NFT holders/POAP to participate in video and audio conferences.

4) Web3 social login solution Ramper received investment from Coin98. Ramper is developing an SDK/API for identity verification, key management, and cryptocurrency/NFT purchases for DApps on multiple chains to simplify the use of Web3 for users; 5) Web3 notification platform Yoz Labs completed $3.5 million in financing. Yoz Labs solves the problem of applications lacking real-time notifications; 6) Teahouse HighTable completed $5 million in financing. Teahouse HighTable is a DeFi platform aimed at providing secure and flexible asset management; 7) Giddy completed $6.9 million in financing, committed to popularizing encryption technology among the general public through its “recoverable self-custody smart wallet technology.”