Explaining the working principle of “Pudgy World”, a digital customization experience for “Pudgy Penguins”

Describing "Pudgy World", a digital customization experience for "Pudgy Penguins".

Previously, the NFT project “Pudgy Penguins” launched physical plush toys, called Pudgy Toys, which are now available for purchase on Amazon. Each toy comes with an official NFT certificate, allowing for a customized digital penguin experience in “Pudgy World”. Cryptocurrency researcher cygaar has written an analysis explaining how this system works.

Pudgy Penguins has created an attractive toy series that includes a cute penguin plushie and a ticket to enter the digital world. Each Pudgy World account is represented by a Polygon wallet, but users can register and use a hosted wallet via email, and each digital penguin is a SoulBound NFT. When users store their penguins on Pudgy World, the Pudgy team mints the NFT into the user’s wallet. Additionally, these penguins can be customized with different colors or clothes, with each customization represented by an NFT as an ERC1155 token.

Each physical toy comes with a code that can be redeemed for a loot box containing a series of items that can be used to customize the penguins in Pudgy World. When users redeem their loot box, the Pudgy backend transfers the feature NFTs to the user’s wallet, without the need to unlock MetaMask or purchase cryptocurrencies. All NFTs are pre-minted and belong to the administrator’s wallet, requiring only a transfer.

Throughout the entire process, the Pudgy team has abstracted away the standard crypto interactions that typically deter users, with some users possibly unaware that they have a hosted crypto wallet or their own NFTs. Additionally, there is a feature marketplace that allows users to purchase items with credit cards, reducing friction for non-native crypto users. In summary, Pudgy uses physical toys and a user-friendly online world to attract users to NFTs, while hiding many crypto interactions to reduce friction, allowing users to experience the complete Pudgy world without purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xcygaar/status/1660732316636033024