Missed the opportunity of dYdX? Don’t miss MEKE again.

Don't miss MEKE if you missed dYdX.

Since Uniswap started using airdrop strategy to reward early users in 2020, airdrops have sparked a huge craze in Web3, creating many stories of getting rich through airdrops.

For example, in September last year, dYdX airdropped 75 million dYdX tokens to its users, with the token reaching a peak price of $28. It is reported that there were 787 users who became the biggest winners, receiving airdrops of 9,529.86 tokens. At the highest price, it was worth $260,000, or about 1.651 million RMB, creating the dYdX airdrop getting rich myth.

Seeing this, do you regret not participating in the dYdX airdrop? Don’t worry, MEKE is here, and you still have the opportunity to create an airdrop getting rich myth.

What is MEKE?

MEKE is a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, aiming to become one of the top applications for decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading.

In the MEKE platform, margin (leverage) trading and derivative (perpetual contract) trading are mainly supported. Considering the huge volatility of the entire cryptocurrency market, MEKE initially designed leverage trading of up to 25 times for mainstream cryptocurrencies, and as MEKE develops, leveraged contract trading for financial products such as forex, gold, oil, and US Treasury bonds may have leverages of up to 100 times.

Is MEKE a promising project?

A research report titled “ETF and the Development of the Global Financial Market Virtual Asset Ecosystem” officially released by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in April this year showed that the trading volume of cryptocurrency derivatives exceeded that of spot trading in 2021, and the trading volume of derivatives in 2022 is almost twice that of spot trading.

Although the overall trading volume of decentralized derivatives is still relatively low, with the advent of global regulatory policies, more transactions will be shifted to decentralized trading platforms, and the future development space of decentralized derivatives is enormous. MEKE, as a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has unlimited development potential.

Can you receive airdrops by participating in MEKE’s public beta?

Now, MEKE deployed on the OpBNB testnet has started its first phase of public beta on July 31st and will end in a short period of time. Due to MEKE’s inherent market potential and strong technical core, it has gained extensive attention worldwide and has been reported in both English and Chinese media. It can be clearly felt that the trading volume on the OpBNB testnet has increased due to MEKE’s public beta.

Like all star projects, participating in MEKE not only allows you to understand the latest development direction of blockchain technology but also offers many potential benefits such as fee dividends and project airdrops. It can be said that participating in MEKE’s public beta may have benefits comparable to early participation in dYdX, Optimism, and Arbtirum tests.

Can I still participate in the MEKE beta test?

Currently, the MEKE beta test is in full swing, but it will end very soon.

Due to the limited supply of MEKE tokens and the unique issuance mechanism designed by MEKE, participating in the MEKE beta test earlier will enable you to enjoy more benefits. If you wait too long to participate, the benefits you receive will be reduced until the beta test incentives are fully distributed.

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