EigenLayer mainnet has gone live, presenting a simple airdrop guide

EigenLayer mainnet is live! Here's a simple airdrop guide.

EigenLayer recently launched on the mainnet, which has garnered attention in the crypto world. Interested in learning more and seizing this new opportunity? We’ve provided a simple, easy-to-understand step-by-step guide that explains how to participate and claim LSD Ether tokens and how to re-stake those tokens. Get up to date on the latest developments of this emerging crypto project by starting with this comprehensive guide.

EigenLayer has launched on the mainnet, potentially signaling the next big airdropšŸ‘€

@Eigenlayer has received backing from prominent funds such as Blockchain, Polychain, and Coinbase.

EigenLayer Protocol Introduction

EigenLayer has implemented a unique protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that revolutionizes the crypto economic security model through its innovative approach to re-staking.


EigenLayer Funding Status

This project has successfully raised $64.5 million through two rounds of funding.

EigenLayer Funding Status

How to Participate in EigenLayer?

Step 1: Choose Your Preferred LSD Protocol

EigenLayer offers three re-staking options for LSD Ether tokens.

  • https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/
  • rETH – Rocket Pool Ether
  • stETH – Lido Staked Ether
  • cbETH – Coinbase Staked Ether

Choose your preferred LSD protocol, and you can select all three or just one.

Supports multiple LSD protocols

Step 2: Obtain rETH

  • Visit RocketPool
  • Connect your wallet
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
  • Select the wallet you wish to receive the tokens
  • Enter the amount of underlying asset you want to stake
  • Click Stake
  • Confirm the transaction
<p> -https://stake.rocketpool.net/</p><h4> <img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/772cd6f86105496309b9c55642e01991.jpeg"/> <img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/8d4bf5450255aa77307f1b2ccf009c16.jpeg"/> <img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/adf661f035c4eeeed03afee57029f72b.jpeg">  Step 3: Get stETH </img></h4><ul> <li>  Visit Lido.fi & stake.lido.fi </li> <li>  Connect your wallet </li> <li>  Input the amount of ETH tokens </li> <li>  Click Submit </li> <li>  Confirm the transaction </li></ul><pre><img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/8ef2b00a8cf3572f1349d3e902468b31.jpeg"/>Lido.fi<img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/145272b1ea5d70b9f014433841ba9093.jpeg"/>Get stETH</pre><h4> Step 4: Get cbETH</h4><p> If you need cbETH, you will need a Coinbase account. If you don't have one: </p><ul> <li>  Visit Uniswap </li> <li>  Connect your wallet </li> <li>  Click Select a Token and choose cbETH </li> <li>  Contract: 0xbe9895146f7af43049ca1c1ae358b0541ea49704 </li> <li>  Swap ETH for cbETH on Uniswap </li></ul><p> +https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap</p><pre><img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/ae9325f0eae519fba47f2b1a8885c9e3.jpeg"/>Exchange cbETH on Uniswap</pre><h4> Step 5: Stake again</h4><ul> <li>  Go back to the EigenLayer Platform </li> <li>  Choose any pool where you have LSD tokens </li> <li>  Input the amount of your wrapped asset </li> <li>  Click Next </li> <li>  Confirm the transaction </li></ul><p> +https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/</p><pre><img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/f41021ea8bebb8f40177d391ceaebd86.jpeg"/>Choose LST<img src="https://cdn-img.panewslab.com//panews/2022/6/19/images/b2dc022da751eedeae5d7530861fc768.jpeg"/>Stake again</pre><h4> Step 6: Claim commemorative NFT with Zora</h4>
  • Access Zora NFT Collection
  • Connect your wallet
  • Click Mint
  • Click Mint again
  • Confirm transaction
  • Deadline: June 18th.


Connect walletMintClick Mint again

Check LST Contract Addresses

These are the contract addresses for LST tokens. Please double-check to ensure the safety of your assets:

  • rETH – 0xae78736cd615f374d3085123a210448e74fc6393
  • stETH – 0xae7ab96520de3a18e5e111b5eaab095312d7fe84
  • cbETH – 0xbe9895146f7af43049ca1c1ae358b0541ea49704