Summary of key points about Ethscriptions: Can Ethscriptions be pruned?

Ethscriptions summary: Can they be pruned?

The Ethereum inscription protocol Ethscriptions was created by Middlemarch and has grown rapidly in the past 7 days. Crypto KOL adammcbride.og has outlined Ethscriptions from various aspects such as features, transaction links, and use cases.

Middlemarch is committed to making Ethereum more affordable and accessible to ordinary users. On average, the minting cost of Ethscriptions is less than $1. If you want to trade Ethscriptions on Opensea, you must first send them to Emblem Vault, as smart contracts on Ethereum cannot send Ethscriptions at the moment.

Can Ethscriptions be pruned from Ethereum? It’s not easy, nor is it likely. I think this can be attributed to the fact that if a strong enough community is incentivized to retain calldata, it will not be pruned. Calldata is a small piece of data sent with transactions, and it’s also where Ethscription images are stored.

What else can Ethscriptions be used for? A few early ideas are happening on Ordinals: 1. domain names; 2. BRC-20 style tokens (ERC-20 tokens) because Ethscriptions are already being minted.