Evening Must-Read | A Discussion on Global Stablecoin Regulation

Evening Must-Read Global Stablecoin Regulation Discussion

1. Internal Conflict, Coincidence, Mistake, Arrest with Cash: The Story Behind Euler Finance Hack

A few weeks ago, DL News contacted a 20-year-old Argentine named Federico Jaime, who claimed to be the mastermind behind the $200 million Euler Finance hack in March. Through phone calls and Telegram, he revealed to DL News a twisted and sometimes confusing, even contradictory story. He said he is currently in a prison in France, arrested in May for carrying 200,000 euros in cash at a train station in Paris. Click to read more

2. Base L2 Rapid Development: Which Ecological Projects Are Worth Paying Attention to in Advance?

Coinbase, a $20 billion cryptocurrency giant, has unparalleled global influence. The chain incubated by Coinbase, Base, is expected to become a catalyst for the next important event in the cryptocurrency field. Currently, the ecosystem is rapidly expanding on a large scale. Let’s delve into it. Click to read more

3. a16z crypto: It’s Time for Cryptocurrencies to Move from Chaos to Order

Although the simplified judgment in the Ripple case is a potential major victory for cryptocurrencies, regulatory uncertainty has not improved. Many believe that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are groundbreaking technologies that can unleash creativity, while others see it as just another internet fad. Click to read more

4. Deep Thinking: What Incremental Value Can Web3 Bring to Brands?

In the past two days, there have been two very timely news. Starbucks announced its entry into the web3 plan to build a blockchain-based customer loyalty platform, and the top blue-chip NFT project Doodles announced a $54 million financing to build a world-class entertainment brand native to web3. On one side, top web2 brands are transitioning to web3, and on the other side, web3 native brands are accelerating their growth. We are on the eve of the web3 brand explosion. Click to read more

5. A Brief Discussion on Global Stablecoin Regulation

As a subclass of crypto assets, stablecoins are gradually receiving more attention. The most significant feature of stablecoins compared to other crypto assets is that they are designed to be pegged to or backed by fiat currencies and/or other crypto assets. It is based on this feature that market participants believe stablecoins may be more easily developed into widely accepted payment methods and/or stores of value, and therefore have a higher potential for acceptance by the global mainstream financial system. Consequently, they will have a more direct impact on currency and economic activities. In light of this, the FSB urges financial regulatory authorities to be prepared for regulating stablecoins, particularly global stablecoins that have the potential for broader application in cross-border payments. Click to read more