is on fire. This article summarizes 5 popular data tracking tools. is booming, summarizing 5 popular data tracking tools.

Original authors: Kaori, Bob, Jingtian, BlockBeats

On August 18th, Bitcoin fell below $26,000 multiple times, and a combination of multiple factors once again plunged the entire cryptocurrency field into deep bearish sentiment. However, just when the community was lamenting about “Coin Circle 8.18,” a social project attracted attention with impressive data. As of August 21st,’s trading volume exceeded 30,000 ETH, and the protocol revenue reached 1383 ETH. In the past 24 hours, generated nearly $710,000 in protocol revenue, surpassing well-known DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO and Lido, second only to Ethereum and TRON. allows users to purchase shares of any user on through Ethereum on the Base Chain, giving them the right to have direct conversations with the user and the potential to profit from it. effectively assigns a cost to users’ attention. If you want to obtain more high-quality information, it means you need to invest equivalent assets.

The social concept and airdrop expectations of have kept its market popularity high. Here are several popular tools for tracking data:


FriendMEX was created by LianGuairadigm engineer @_anishagnihotri. The community speculated that LianGuairadigm is behind due to the appearance of this analysis tool. On August 19th, officially announced that it had completed its seed round of financing, with LianGuairadigm as one of the participants.

FriendMEX has the following advantages:

• No invitation code required

• Buy + sell friend tokens

• Real-time trading dynamics and rankings

• Token charts + sniper for new users

• Adjustable and configurable layout Monitor

The expected increase in share prices for newly joined top KOLs has led to the emergence of a bot (Twitter account @friendtech_bot) specifically designed to monitor and track the traffic of these new influential users. Monitor helps users obtain timely information by publishing the joining time of detected influential users, their Twitter names and number of followers, share addresses, and the current price of 1 share. on Base Activity

“ on Base Activity” is a protocol analysis tool that provides data such as the total market value of user “account shares,” protocol fees, total protocol trading volume, total number of transactions, and active users on

Friend Tech User Analytics

“Friend Tech User Analytics” is a personal user analysis tool for By entering an address, users can query data such as the total market value of their “account shares,” current supply, trading volume, transaction fees, number of transactions, and number of participating users.

Bot-derived project Realfriend Sniper claims to help users automate trading and retry trading Share in a more advantageous way. However, users need to hold 1 Share of @iam 4 x Share to access, and the current price of 1 Share is 1.54 ETH.


FRIEND-USD is the first perpetual index contract on Hyperliquid. It tracks the purchase price of all unissued friend tech shares in ETH and converts it into USDC. The exact calculation formula for the FRID-USD index is: the ETH balance of the friend contract on the Base chain multiplied by the median of the ETH/USDC spot price divided by 1 million.

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