From Science Fiction to Reality: Global Report on the Future of Integrated Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Applications (2023)

Global Report on the Future of Blockchain and AI (2023)

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About Go2Mars: Go2Mars Capital is a professional crypto investment incubator. “Go to Mars” represents the curiosity and exploration of the traditional world to the new world. Go2Mars promotes the development of high-quality content in the crypto world by building a startup ecosystem and providing comprehensive, full-process services and solutions to help new entrepreneurs smoothly enter the Web3 world. Go2Mars gradually builds a diversified community that empowers Web3 entrepreneurs through the model of media communities, incubators, and crypto funds. Through AIGC to improve production efficiency, accelerate decentralized world governance, and achieve community members’ joint governance in the future, creating a community autonomous ecology in the form of DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations).

About ABAA: ABAA (Asia-Blockingcific Blockchain AI Application Alliance) is a non-profit social organization initiated to promote the development of the blockchain artificial intelligence industry. It is an ecological alliance jointly established by mainstream organizations in the global blockchain industry, early-stage practical organizations for empowering artificial intelligence in the blockchain application, and individuals with domain influence. ABAA is a gathering place for investment targets. Converging industry information, screening excellent teams and companies, broadening investment horizons, promoting the development of the blockchain + artificial industry, helping high-quality projects and teams of Asian forces to establish themselves in Asia and go global!

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