Selected Weekly News Grayscale and Uniswap win lawsuit; SEC delays all BTC spot ETF decisions, Bitcoin performs ‘extreme painting door’.

Grayscale and Uniswap win lawsuit; SEC delays BTC spot ETF decisions, Bitcoin performs 'extreme painting door'.

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Macro Perspective

Supporting 5G and high self-reliance, the behind-the-scenes hero of Huawei Mate60’s return with “China Core” is actually the Bitcoin mining industry?

When mine owners submit orders to SMIC, little do they know that the fate of China’s high-end technology is set in motion.

“All In” Explodes in Popularity: The billion-dollar cryptocurrency black market in Southeast Asia

Recently, the anti-fraud propaganda film “All In” gained popularity. The plot revolves around overseas fraud gangs using the guise of beautiful women to lure victims into participating in cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes and swindling their money. This, along with the concentrated exposure of the Southeast Asian black market, has struck a chord with countless viewers.

Interpreting the Grayscale Lawsuit Victory: Court finds SEC’s “double standards,” preliminary ruling paves the way for spot Bitcoin ETF

On August 29th, the US court issued a ruling on the lawsuit between Grayscale and the SEC, stating that the SEC’s refusal to allow Grayscale to launch a spot Bitcoin ETF is unreasonable, and requiring the SEC to reconsider Grayscale’s request.

2023-2024 Crypto Trends Outlook: Bitcoin significantly breaks through the “bull-bear dividing line,” what will the future market look like?

This article mainly explores three questions: Where is the bottom of Bitcoin? What are the major events for the remaining time this year and next year that will impact the crypto market? And what valuable information can be derived from on-chain data and the Bitcoin halving cycle?

Exclusive Interview with Charles Li, CEO of Cyberport: What efforts have Cyberport made behind the scenes with over 180 Web3 companies settling in?

Charles Li introduced that in terms of talent cultivation, Cyberport has launched the Web3 Academy to promote Web3 knowledge among the public and change their preconceived negative impressions of the Web3 field.

Cat and Mouse Game: Bitcoin’s “Wild West” Expansion and the Regulatory Authorities’ “Chase and Block”

While Bitcoin and blockchain technology can liberate individual data sovereignty from the digital cages of centralized institutions, government regulation of cryptocurrencies still hangs like the “Sword of Damocles” over their heads.

Seize Opportunities

Latest Version | Key Time Nodes for Bitcoin Spot ETF Application Reviews at a Glance

The number of applications for Bitcoin spot ETFs has increased to 11, with the next review period concentrated in mid-October and the final deadline set for March 2024. This also means that the SEC still has 2 opportunities to postpone the application results.

Bullish Return? Analyzing the six money trees that may outperform the market

In the context of Ripple, Grayscale, and the SEC’s consecutive victories in lawsuits, the market seems to have welcomed a glimmer of hope, and it may be a good time to invest.

10 major innovative tracks favored by Coinbase CEO: Flatcoin, on-chain reputation, RWA…

Coinbase CEO shares his views on the most worthwhile directions for investment, some of which are mainstream narratives, while others are still under development.

Immutable (IMX) project report: Ethereum’s first ZK-Rollup, Web3 game infrastructure

Immutable X is Ethereum’s first Layer 2 protocol with ZK-rollup, used for trading and transferring NFTs, with instant transaction confirmation, zero gas fees, and huge scalability.

Interview with Connext: User airdrop quantities determined by a scoring mechanism, plans to expand to 20 chains by the end of the year

Connext is an “old man” in the crypto industry, having gone through 8 rounds of financing and multiple adjustments in direction. It has finally decided to issue governance tokens and allocate 10% of the tokens for airdrops.

A comprehensive understanding of the release process and feature updates of Chainlink Staking v0.2

This article will provide an overview of the release process of Staking v0.2, as well as its new upgrades and features. More detailed parameters about v0.2 will be announced on the eve of the mainnet release.

Has Wormhole, the interoperability protocol, been able to regain its glory with recent major updates?

Backed by investment and liquidity from Jump, Wormhole can be deeply integrated with certain public chains and ecosystems. However, it fell into silence after the collapse of Terra. Can the recent updates help Wormhole regain its former glory?

Web3 Highlights

Uniswap wins collective lawsuit from investors, becoming a precedent sample under DeFi regulation challenges

As a judge with extensive experience in handling crypto cases, Judge Failla previously presided over the SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase. She also has experience overseeing other cryptocurrency cases, including the ones involving Tether and Bitfinex. Her rulings highlight her in-depth understanding of crypto projects.

Binance Research interprets decentralized sequencer: Layer2 security cornerstone, pioneering native token use cases

In this report, we will carefully study the role of sequencers and the current state of Ethereum rollup space.

Rollbit, the leading platform in the GambleFi sector, sees a 200-fold increase in a bear market. Where does its “rising flywheel” come from?

Recently, there has been a surge in the GambleFi sector, and Rollbit (RLB) has been particularly strong. Today, let’s take a closer look at this project and why its popularity has been soaring recently.

Friend.Tech hype subsides: Daily trading volume drops by 90%, Base network returns to rationality

After a week of sustained hype, the heat of Friend.Tech is cooling down, with various indicators dropping significantly, and its affiliated Base network gradually returning to a “normal” state.

Tornado Cash founder arrested, what “original sin” did the “mixer” commit?

Privacy transaction tools are like a Pandora’s box. From a regulatory perspective, once released, they are almost certain to affect financial security and promote criminal activities. They will be vigorously pursued in any country.

The Story of NFT

NFT experiences a long and deep bear market, projects die one after another. We ask industry practitioners and diamond hands where the future lies.

What is the survival rule for NFT projects? Is NFT still worth investing in? When will the market turning point occur? With these questions in mind, LianGuaiNews interviewed multiple NFT practitioners and diamond hands to hear their views on the way out of the bear market and future development.

When it rains, it pours: NFT faces regulatory crackdown amidst the winter chill

Is the NFT market facing a huge negative impact? What does the SEC’s first regulation of NFTs mean?

Reviewing the NFT winter in the past half year: Who is “surrendering their weapons”? Who is growing against the trend?

Pudgy Penguins is the only project with a significant increase in floor price, while Invisible Friends and Moonbirds have experienced the largest decrease in floor price.

Tech Corner

Exploring Ethereum block validator Zeth: The first Type 0 zkEVM

Zeth completes all the work required to construct new blocks in zkVM without relying on validators or sync committees. Zeth has been verified on multiple real blocks on the Ethereum mainnet and has passed all relevant tests in the Ethereum official test suite.

The endless road to scalability: Discussing the significance of ZKization of the consensus layer for Ethereum

Proving the full consensus of the Ethereum mainnet is a complex task, but if we can achieve ZKization of the consensus layer, it will help Ethereum scale while ensuring security and trust, enhance the robustness of the entire Ethereum ecosystem, reduce participation costs, and allow more people to participate.

Thunder: A high-performance Bitcoin sidechain

This article introduces “Thunder” – a large-scale block sidechain network. When I say “large-scale block sidechain,” I mean a sidechain network that is essentially the same as its main chain network but with larger block sizes/sigops limits.

“Cosmos” is the ultimate form of Layer2?

With the imminent upgrade of Cancun, market attention has gradually shifted from LSD and LSDFi to the Layer2 sector after the Shanghai upgrade. The launch of the ARB token has also attracted a large number of users to enter the Arbitrum ecosystem and join other unreleased Layer2 ecosystems.

Key News

Foreign media: Prigozhin, who died in a plane crash, may be the holder of the fifth-largest Bitcoin wallet.

People’s Court Daily: Virtual currency is still legal property, and it is recommended that the seized assets in the case should not be confiscated or returned uniformly.

Twitter has obtained a Currency Transmitter license in Rhode Island, USA.

The US SEC has postponed the decision on all Bitcoin spot ETFs, including BlackRock.

Thailand plans to distribute digital assets worth about $290 per person to all citizens over the age of 16 to promote the national economy.

The Shanxi police dismantled a “money laundering” criminal gang that used gold and virtual currency for fencing, involving a total amount of 135 million yuan.

Binance will stop supporting BUSD by 2024, and the redemption will end by February 2024.

LianGuaiULY: The sale of PEPE tokens by the team is suspected of market manipulation and insider trading.

The Wall Street Journal: Binance is considering a complete withdrawal from the Russian market.

Hong Kong Legislative Council Member: It is recommended to accelerate the launch of retail-level Digital Hong Kong Dollar and encourage private institutions to issue compliant Hong Kong stablecoins.