Step-by-step guide for verifying and transferring Ethscriptions tokens

Guide to verify and transfer Ethscriptions tokens

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Yesterday, the Ethscriptions token $eths emerged, and in just one day, it is said to have reached a maximum transaction price of about 80U for one token, with a cost of 0.8U, a hundredfold increase!

Currently, over-the-counter trading is very hot, and many people don’t know how to verify authenticity or how to transfer funds. As a caring nanny-level CG brother, how can we let our family members be deceived? This article will teach you how to verify your assets and transfer funds!

This tutorial is a combination of the current methods for verifying assets outside the scene. This tutorial is not the only standard for judging transfers, because there is no standard for verifying assets before the official index is released. Please be aware!

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A few days ago, a protocol that pays tribute to Inscriptions, Ethscriptions, suddenly appeared. It is based on the Ethereum chain, and I call it Ethereum Inscriptions.

It was created by the former CEO of the $4 million seed round music NFT market, Middle March, who was led by A16Z and Dapper Labs!

This protocol has attracted widespread attention since its launch, and the first NFT collection ethereum punk was released by its founder and was all minted in a very short time.

And last night, the FOMO sentiment of the $eths token suddenly appeared, similar to the BEC20 token protocol, directly driving up the gas price of the Ethereum chain. Although this protocol does not currently support tokenization, CG brother went to inquire about the founder’s attitude towards on-chain behavior, and learned that he is also very willing to see $eths on-chain behavior and has the idea of adding it to the protocol, which has led to the extremely hot over-the-counter trading today. However, it should also be noted that the final decision-making power lies in the hands of the founder, and there is a high probability that it will be zero before the rules are released!

Of course, the Ethscriptions protocol is also highly controversial, and it is said that this is not a regression phenomenon, but a reversal of priorities. Is it a matter of taking off your pants and farting?

However, CG still recommends embracing new things and chasing market hotspots in order to tap into profits. If all else fails, being a “scumbag” is not a bad option!

1. What is over-the-counter trading?

Buyers have money, sellers have goods, but there is no formal third-party platform for them to trade on yet. That’s where over-the-counter trading comes in.

2. How is it done?

Over-the-counter trading is generally done by finding someone who is well-known in the industry (big V, with higher visibility in the circle, or group owners who specialize in OCT) to act as a guarantor.

  • Buyers and sellers negotiate the transaction price themselves

  • Create a small group with a guarantor, a buyer, and a seller

  • Complete the transaction within the group

3. Transaction process (after the small group is created)

Double check!!!!!!

Verify the guarantor’s WeChat ID! (Don’t just look at the profile picture and nickname, you must verify the WeChat ID!) This is the reason why many people have been scammed!!!!!!

Also, during the transaction period, if you find that the person who is trading has rejoined the group, you should be careful because they may have been kicked out and are now using a WeChat ID with the same profile picture and nickname to trade with you. If you find this situation, be sure to check the other person’s WeChat ID to see if it’s the same person!

For the double-guaranteed fee process, the steps are as follows:

1. After the verification is correct, the buyer transfers the total amount (including the guarantee fee) to the guarantor.

2. After the guarantor confirms receipt of the amount, @ the seller in the group and have them transfer the token to the buyer.

3. After the buyer confirms receipt of the token, check whether the asset is valid, and if everything is correct, @ the guarantor in the group.

4. The guarantor loans the money to the seller (deducting the guarantee fee).

Before the tutorial starts, a reminder: if you feel that the images in the tutorial are blurry, you can press the Ctrl key + mouse scroll wheel up to zoom in 200%, and then return to 100% to make the images clear!

Tutorial begins! Seller’s Guide – How to Verify Assets

The basic process is:

  • Find the token assets sold by the seller and copy the text

  • Check if it was minted at the earliest time

  • Check if the text format is valid

1. Open the ethscriptions website and click the wallet link in the upper right corner

2. Click MyEthscriptions

3. Find the token assets transferred by the seller and copy its text content (I use the id: 2895 as an example)

4. Open the Dune data webpage of Ethscriptions

5. Paste the copied text above

6. Look at the earliest time, and then confirm whether the address of the minter is the seller’s address. If it is, then it is the first minted and the token asset is valid.

7. After confirming the time is correct, open the query script (check if the text format is valid)

8. Pass the verification image

9. Click Run

10. Paste your wallet address (you need to right-click the mouse and then click Paste. The keyboard shortcut cannot be pasted) and press Enter

11, these are the token IDs of all the effective assets of $eths in the wallet, and find id: 2895, which shows that the text format is valid. If the ID sold by the seller is not found, the text format is invalid.


This risk warning is provided by @vutttmy and pointed out!

Someone asked why to check the content of the text format, please look at the following 2 codes, can you see the difference?



At this time, you must say that they are the same, don’t worry, I will take you to find out their differences!

1. Open JSON text parsing

2. Copy and paste the above 2 codes into this box. At this time, you will find that the e of erc-20 in the second line is very strange. In fact, this is a special symbol. Normal text cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, so checking the content of the text format is also very important!

Not only English has special symbols, but also numbers. You can check the following 2 code segments by yourself!



Seller’s article-how to transfer

1. Open the ethscriptions official website and click MyEthscriptions

2. Find the asset you want to transfer (still using id: 2895 as an example)


3. Enter the other party’s address and click TRANSFER

4. Click confirm payment in the pop-up Firefox wallet, and you’re done!

End of tutorial!


1. This tutorial is not the only standard for verifying assets, but is written based on the current OTC process. Also be aware of the risks!

2. There is currently no standard token protocol, and the initiative is still in the hands of the founder. If he is smart, he should not abandon this heat and specify a token standard that meets the current market heat, such as $eths text format. If a new token standard is introduced, $eths may become worthless. Also be aware of the risks!

3. According to past OTC scammers who have been constantly calling out, remember to find the right guarantor! Don’t be deceived!

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