Overnight, it multiplied by a thousand times and collapsed in a few seconds. Is there a connection between BALD deployers and FTX and SBF?

In a matter of seconds, it grew exponentially and then crashed. Is there a link between BALD deployers, FTX, and SBF?

Did Twitter “Sherlocks” expose FTX and SBF as the masterminds behind BALD Rug? Here are 10 “pieces of evidence” summarized here.

Source: @hype_eth

Translation: Karen, Foresight News

After skyrocketing overnight, BALD experienced an instant collapse. Around 8:30 last night, the deployer of BALD removed 10,000 ETH and 224 million BALD liquidity. Within a couple of minutes, the price of BALD plummeted from $0.09 to around $0.02, a decrease of over 85%. It has now fallen to around $0.006, a drop of over 93% from its peak.

In response, Twitter “Sherlocks” have identified a close relationship between the deployer of BALD and FTX and SBF. The evidence is as follows:

According to KOL @hype_eth:

1. Thousands of ETH have been transferred between FTX and Bald addresses;

2. The deployer of Bald was the first voter for all Sushi proposals;

3. The sentence structure of the deployer’s tweets is similar to that of SBF’s tweets;

  • Using the word “correct” as a response;

  • Both the deployer of Bald and SBF find it interesting to use the conjunction “nor” repeatedly;

  • Frequent use of “quite well”.

4. The deployer of Bald is the largest DYDX mining address. The deployer’s posts about DYDX are somewhat similar to SBF’s;

5. The on-chain activity time coincides with the court date/bail time;

6. SBF has recently been using a VPN;

7. Associated with Alameda and FTX;

8. In April 2023, according to on-chain detective ZachXBT, the official Twitter account of Serum, a Solana ecosystem project with 200,000 followers, deleted all tweets, changed its username to @0xLukaeth (Luka), and changed its PFP avatar to Milady NFT. Recently, this Twitter account has also been shilling Bald.

9. One of the addresses frequently deposited into by the deployer of Bald seems to be one of the wallets that helped trigger the UST decoupling;

10. According to Andrew T’s investigation of the ETH address of the BALD deployer, the Binance deposit addresses starting with 0x6663 and active addresses starting with 0x000f have interacted with Andrew Keys and Alameda Research. These addresses have interacted on every major exchange, so at some point, we will know who these potentially criminal deployers are. They are definitely closely connected to Alameda and have conducted 400 transactions with USDT blacklisted addresses.