Introduction to ERC721x: Implementing ERC721 Standard More Securely

Introducing ERC721x: A more secure implementation of the ERC721 standard.

Scams and hacking attacks have plagued the cryptocurrency industry for too long. Owl.kongz.eth, the Chief Solidity Developer at CyberKongz, aims to solve this issue by developing an ERC721x contract. This technology offers the convenience of a hot wallet while increasing the security of a cold wallet. CyberKongz provides a detailed introduction to ERC721x.

Locking: Pledge assets without losing ownership. By “locking” assets, you will prevent them from being transferred without permission from the locked registry. Once an asset is locked, it cannot be moved out of the holding wallet.

Protection: This is similar to locking, but with some important differences. Wallet 1 holding valuable assets can designate Wallet 2 as a “guardian,” allowing Wallet 2 to lock the assets in Wallet 1. Think of this as on-chain two-factor authentication.