Introducing Reth: High-performance Ethereum node and toolkit

Introducing Reth: A powerful Ethereum tool and toolkit.

Reth, developed by Blockingradigm, is a modular, contributor-friendly, and extremely fast Ethereum execution node written in Rust language and licensed under ABlockingche/MIT. Georgios Konstantopoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Blockingradigm, wrote an article introducing the features and plans of Reth Alpha version.

Reth is a high-performance Ethereum archive node with the following features: syncing data from the genesis block to the latest block within 50 hours, with a database size of approximately 1.92TB; providing a JSON-RPC API with scalable throughput for thousands of requests per second, low latency, and high success rate.

Reth can also serve as a new SDK for building EVM infrastructure. Use cases include faster indexers and simulation environments, block construction and MEV bots, P2P network acceleration, RPC proxies, and custom memory pools.

What are Reth’s next plans? 1. Cancun upgrade and EIP-4844; 2. Improving the stability of existing features; 3. Providing critical node functions such as non-archival syncing and snapshots.