Recent innovations and news in the Arbitrum ecosystem

Latest developments in Arbitrum ecosystem

Arbitrum is home to many DeFi primitives. It currently has a low price and huge potential opportunities. The DeFi Investor has compiled the latest innovations and news from the Arbitrum ecosystem.

1) Arbitrum announced that its revenue will be distributed to the DAO. Arbitrum currently generates an annualized revenue of $11 million from transaction fees. While $11 million may not be a lot for L2, it is still a significant amount of money that will be managed by DAO members.

2) The first Arbitrum L3 has been released. While L1 and L2 may be the future for DeFi applications, L3 may be the right scaling solution for games that require extremely low fees. MXC’s zkEVM is built on top of Arbitrum and aims to be the preferred choice for X-to-Earn games. Web3 games do not require the same level of security as DeFi applications, so building them on a more scalable L3 makes sense. Just as Arbitrum inherits security from Ethereum, MXC will inherit security from Arbitrum.

3) Vela Exchange has announced its official launch on June 26th. The launch of the perpetual DEX will bring many exciting new trading features, including technical analysis of deposits – traders will be able to save notes and data points for each trade, and chart trading – users will be able to manage their positions directly on the chart and open new positions.

4) GMX V2 testnet is now live. Some of the new features of GMX V2 include lower fees, new price impact and interest rates, a market composed of index, long and short collateral tokens, and independent LP pools.