Listing 5 profitable LSD protocols: ushETH, LSDx Finance, ZeroLiquid…

Listing 5 profitable LSD protocols: ushETH, LSDx Finance, ZeroLiquid, ...

Liquidity mining is one of the hottest topics in Defi this year, growing by over $10 billion since the beginning of the year. Cryptocurrency KOL Emperor Osmo has listed 5 protocols that can profit from the LSD wave.

1) Ush allows liquidity to be collateralized by your ETH while maximizing the distribution of validators providing these services. This means getting the best rates on ETH (up to 349%) while capital is distributed everywhere. The team has been building and expanding rapidly with a market cap of $12.7 million; 2) LSDx Finance aims to optimize the value of LSD assets by providing liquidity needed for various DeFi applications. They offer two products: UM, a stablecoin collateralized by excess ETHx, and ETHx, a basket of various ETH LSD assets. Market cap: $772,000;

3) Zero Liquid provides 0% loan interest, self-repaying loans, and no liquidation. The ZERO token is used for governance and earning protocol fees, with Zero Liquid charging an 8% fee each time the treasury earns revenue. 55% of the protocol fees go to stakers, 35% is used to incentivize liquidity, and 10% goes to the fund. Market cap: $3.51 million; 4) OETH is a yield aggregator that optimizes earnings between liquidity-pool derivatives on AMMs and ether liquidity supply. Users can deposit ETH, stETH, rETH, or frxETH to receive Origin Ether and earn profits or mint the stablecoin OUSD;

5) Lybra Finance is addressing one of the biggest issues in DeFi today, generating revenue by using liquidity to collateralize ETH. With Lybra, users can deposit ETH or stETH to mint eUSD, an over-collateralized stablecoin that earns profits without having to deal with volatility.