Messari Six Consumer Cryptocurrency Trends Worth Paying Attention to

Messari's Six Consumer Cryptocurrency Trends to Watch

Author: Seth Bloomberg, Messari Researcher; Translated by: LianGuai0xxz

Six trends worth noting in Consumer Crypto: 1. AI agents; 2. Decentralized social; 3. On-chain gaming / autonomous worlds; 4. Financialization of NFTs; 5. Co-creation of content; 6. Digital/Physical intersection.

1. AI agents

On-chain entities that can interact autonomously with social, DeFi, or any application through identity standards (ERC-6551), enabling NFTs to own other NFTs and accumulate assets. The trend in the Web2 world indicates a surge in virtual life.

2. Decentralized social

Social products that give content ownership to creators rather than large platforms and allow for more flexible monetization methods. The ultimate goal is to achieve a new system of value flow across applications.

3. On-chain gaming / autonomous worlds (AW)

AW’s game state/logic is fully on-chain, allowing developers/users to leverage the openness and composability of cryptographic infrastructure. The open architecture allows anyone to build games, items, or characters on top of the shared world layer.

4. Financialization of NFTs

Since the epic rise of the NFT market in 2021, the integration of NFTs with finance has been a focus of attention. Many subsequent NFT financial applications have emerged in the form of loans backed by NFT collateral. New NFT utilities can drive this trend forward.

5. Co-creation of content

NFTs enable a range of content contributions, creating a digital supply chain where individual creators can earn revenue from the success of large-scale works. NFTs allow for large-scale coordination among creators, whereas previously, creation was limited to small teams.

6. Digital/Physical intersection

Bridging the physical<>digital world within the crypto industry, enabling physical goods to expand into the digital realm, creating new distribution methods for creators, and providing new ways to interact with owners.