Opside Pre-alpha testnet successfully concluded 88 PoW miners, 17,000 PoS nodes, 450,000 independent users, and 13.6 million transactions.

Opside Pre-alpha testnet concluded with 88 PoW miners, 17,000 PoS nodes, 450,000 independent users, and 13.6 million transactions.

On August 23rd, Opside officially announced that the three-month Pre-alpha incentive testnet has successfully concluded and Opside has entered the Alpha testnet! Since the opening of the Pre-alpha testnet on May 24th, it has received enthusiastic participation from community users, PoS nodes, PoW miners, project teams, and developers. Opside sincerely thanks all participants for their contributions! We are also pleased to share with the community the achievements of the Opside Pre-alpha incentive testnet and announce the relevant instructions for the smooth transition from the Pre-alpha testnet to the Alpha testnet, as well as the rules for exchanging points earned by various ecosystem roles during the testnet.

1. Market Performance
During the Opside Pre-alpha testnet, the number of ordinary users reached 450,000, with a total of 13,580,057 transactions. There were 16,883 PoS nodes and 88 PoW miners. In terms of the ecosystem, over 100 high-quality project teams applied to participate in the testnet, and ultimately, 14 teams were selected and generated exclusive zkEVM application chains through Opside LaunchBase. These chains are currently running stably.

2.1 ZK-Rollup LaunchBase
Opside’s goal is to make ZK-Rollup more user-friendly and accessible, enabling the large-scale implementation of zkEVM-based application chains. To achieve this, Opside proposed the ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service) service as early as July 2022, which allows developers to deploy their own ZK-Rollup (zkEVM application chain) on multiple L1 chains.

In mid-August, Opside made significant updates to the ZKRollup LaunchBase. The Rollup L1 main chain options now include support for ETH/BSC/Polygon testnets, and modular components such as DA/shared sequencers are provided. Furthermore, Rollup LaunchBase supports various Infra as a Service options for project teams to choose from, including Dex as a Service, Oracle as a Service, NFTmarket as a Service, DID as a Service, etc. The available options include iZUMi, Star Protocol, SLianGuaice ID, Supraoracle, and more.

2.2 Native Cross-rollup Communication

  • Opside launches the NCRC protocol and implements instant messaging across Rollups. Instead of adding an additional third-party bridge on each Rollup, it has transformed the native bridge of ZK-Rollup at the system level. This approach is more concise and thorough, inheriting the absolute security of the native bridge, and avoiding the complexity and trust cost brought by third-party bridges.

2.3 Multi-chain ZK-PoW Protocol and ZKP Two-Step Commit Algorithm

  • The multi-chain ZK-PoW protocol allows miners to provide ZKP computing power for ZK-Rollups on multiple L1 chains such as Ethereum and BNB Chain.

  • Opside’s latest ZKP two-step commit algorithm improves the efficiency of ZKP generation by 50% compared to previous versions. In a multi-miner scenario, the calculation of ZKP is shortened to less than one minute, greatly accelerating the confirmation time of ZK-Rollup.

3. Community & Ecosystem Empowerment:

3.1 Exclusive zkEVM Application Chains

With the increasing demand for exclusive ZK-Rollups in various niche areas, Opside proposes a solution to address the pain points of project parties while continuously expanding its own boundaries. So far, 15 exclusive zkEVM applications have been deployed on the Opside platform and have received active participation from users.

As a well-known content distribution platform in the industry, ReadON generated its own ZK-Rollup, bridge, and browser within 10 minutes through Opside ZK-Rollup LaunchBase, using its native token as the gas fee token for ZK-Rollup.

Era 7, one of the top three active game projects on BNB Chain, also chose Opside ZK-Rollup LaunchBase to generate an exclusive zkEVM application chain. In some special contracts, they also use the 0 gas fee feature provided by Opside, so users do not need to pay any fees when calling contracts, greatly reducing the entry barrier for traditional Web2 game players.

3.2 Ecological Cooperation

The scale development of ZKRollup naturally cannot be separated from ecological construction. During the testnet period, Opside actively listened to the voices of the project teams while collaborating with them. Up to now, Opside has established deep partnerships with nearly 50 outstanding projects in the industry, including OKX, Galxe, SLianGuaice ID, SupraOracles, ReadON, GasZero, Port3, Relation, and other well-known projects. In the future, we will work together with these partners to build a beautiful future for the ZK ecosystem!

3.3 Global Participation

The successful completion of the Opside Pre-alpha testnet is inseparable from the support of 450,000 users from more than 60 countries and regions around the world. Whether you are an ordinary user, a PoS node, a PoW miner, a developer, or a project team, every contribution is precious. A single tree cannot make a forest. Once again, thanks to all community participants for their dedication to Opside Pre-alpha. While realizing the beautiful vision of Opside, it has also expanded the globalization process of Opside. Of course, Opside also hopes to see everyone’s active participation in the upcoming Alpha testnet.

Validator IP Distribution

4. Points Exchange & Alpha Testnet Instructions

In addition to reviewing the achievements of the Pre-alpha Testnet, we also provide the following information about the Alpha Testnet arrangement and the automatic conversion rules for Pre-alpha Testnet points:

4.1 Pre-alpha Testnet Points Automatic Conversion Rules (for Validators & Miners)

  • Validators

The system will automatically convert the testnet IDEs produced by each validator during the Pre-alpha Testnet period through PoS into corresponding points, with a conversion ratio of 35 IDEs : 1 point.

For example: Alice runs a node steadily, and the number of testnet IDEs she produces during the Pre-alpha Testnet period is 3,500. In this case, she will receive 100 points. The points will be automatically converted by the system and displayed on the latest official Leaderboard for validators to check.

  • Miners

Miners will automatically convert the proofs submitted during the Pre-alpha Testnet period into corresponding points, with a conversion ratio of 1 proof : 2 points.

For example: Bob’s miner address submitted 1,024 proofs during the Pre-alpha Testnet period. In this case, he will receive 2,048 points. The points will be automatically converted by the system and displayed on the latest official Leaderboard for miners to check.

(*Please note that the above conversion rules only apply to the Opside Pre-alpha testnet stage.)

Currently, the loyalty points of Opside will be the only proof for future exchange of mainnet tokens. The specific exchange ratio will be announced in the future.

4.2 Alpha Testnet

  • As Opside announced to the community a few weeks ago, for Validators and Miners, the Opside Pre-alpha testnet will smoothly transition to the Alpha testnet. Validators and Miners do not need to take any further action, and all blocks and submitted proofs after the Opside Pre-alpha testnet will be immediately counted as rewards for the Alpha testnet.

  • The Opside team plans to launch a new round of Alpha testnet activities in early September, open to global users without any threshold. The Alpha testnet activities will be presented in a completely new form and come with additional surprise rewards!

  • The Opside team will provide a new Leaderboard dashboard on the official website, where all users, including validators and miners, can view the historical points acquisition and Alpha testnet rankings of the current connected addresses, as well as additional rewards.

It is worth mentioning that Opside will soon collaborate with SLianGuaice ID to release .Opside domain names. Users who have registered and obtained domain names will be displayed on the Leaderboard. For more information about .Opside domain names, please follow Opside’s Twitter for further announcements.

Final Words:

The success of the Opside Pre-alpha testnet is inseparable from the contributions of every participant. Therefore, the Opside team would like to sincerely thank the global community users, developers, PoS Validators, PoW miners, testnet participants, VCs, and partners for their continued attention and support to Opside! You are all vital members of the Opside team!

Finally, although the Pre-alpha testnet has temporarily come to an end, Opside’s progress will not stop, and the narrative of the ZK track will continue. Opside will start small, gradually expand, overcome doubts, not forget its original intention, and provide long-term value for the future development of the ZK-Rollup ecosystem!