Ordinals v0.6.0 official update announces support for negative numerals

Ordinals v0.6.0 now supports negative numbers.

Ordinals protocol updated to version v0.6.0, announcing support for negative inscriptions, also known as curse inscriptions. The research and investment team AKLabs has released a detailed update about this upgrade.

The new version of the ord protocol announced support for negative inscriptions, also known as Cursed Inscriptions. The core developer of the Ord protocol, @raphjaph, stated that the official index website http://ordinals.com will support indexing for Cursed Inscriptions within 12 hours. Another core developer of the Ord protocol, @veryordinally, mentioned in the comments of the tweet announcing the upgrade to ord v0.6.0: “All positive Inscription Numbers will not change. The Inscription Numbers of Cursed Inscriptions will change over time as we add more types of Cursed Inscriptions, but they will still be negative. However, new inscriptions that are considered cursed after a certain block height in the future will be blessed (return to positive). This snapshot has not yet been implemented, but negative Inscription Numbers before this block height snapshot will remain negative.”

This is consistent with the speculation we previously discussed in a tweet about Cursed Inscriptions, which is that “if this direction continues, the result will be that a limited number of cursed (negative) inscriptions will continue to exist, but new cursed (negative) inscriptions will not be able to be inscribed in the future.”

Reference: https://twitter.com/0xAKLabs/status/1665420436426072064