Emerging Stars! Reviewing the 26 selected projects of a16z CSS 2023

Review of selected a16z CSS 2023 projects.

After three years, a16z Crypto has relaunched Crypto Startup School (CSS), expanding it into a comprehensive accelerator program aimed at cultivating and supporting the next generation of Web3 projects. Foresight News author angelilu has provided an overview of the 26 selected projects, covering tracks such as crypto infrastructure, creator tools, and Web3 gaming.

1) Blockus: A service that packages and provides account management and NFT sales pages, aiming to provide seamless integration of account and wallet management, NFT marketplace and staking, fiat and crypto payments, and other functions for game studios to help developers focus on innovative gameplay; 2) Discove: A decentralized SNS platform that aims to provide a simple tool for users to create personal feeds; 3) Fuul: A marketing engine that focuses on Web3 services to help projects find and manage growth partnerships; 4) ZeroDev: An embeddable and programmable smart wallet that supports “account abstraction,” compatible with ERC-4337 AA wallet core, API, SDK, etc.; 5) Primev: A decentralized data protocol aimed at providing on-chain data for MEV participants;

6) ChainBlockingtrol: A Web3 real-time security platform that provides fake website and suspicious address information collection services, collects information from channels such as Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and warns users of phishing risks through reports; 7) Plurigrid: Committed to building a decentralized energy system, optimizing it through digital technology and governing it based on sustainable, inclusive, and value-creating principles for all stakeholders; 8) Web3Analytic: A tool that focuses on DeFi product analysis, helping Web3 products and marketing teams convert, attract, and retain more users through no-code user analysis; 9) Shield: A security enhancement tool for Web3 platforms and communities that helps organizations take comprehensive security measures to prevent encryption vulnerabilities; 10) Mentaport: A Web3 geolocation platform that can create smart contracts that perceive physical locations and update over time; 11) Frens: A messaging application for Web3 browsers that aims to provide a better social experience and communication platform;

12) Bello: An NFT project holder analysis tool that is currently in private testing phase; 13) Narval: A customized wallet platform for organizations such as DAOs, Web3 guilds, and NFT funds; 14) Eth.id: Personal Web 3 Profile website; 15) formless: A creative technology lab that focuses on developing decentralized media applications Share Protocol; 16) Capsule: A wallet toolkit that implements programmable MPC, aimed at helping developers create wallets with interoperable transactions, seamlessly connecting users with Web3 services, and conducting transactions and signatures; 17) IYK: A project aimed at creating a connection between the physical world and the digital world; 18) FINE: A Web3 studio that focuses on generating art and interoperable assets, bringing users unique art experiences and interactivity; 19) Pimlico: An encrypted infrastructure for account abstraction, which can provide its plug-and-play API for wallets to sponsor users’ transactions; 20) ‘mbd the world: A project aimed at building a better AI recommendation system, making it accessible to anyone, supporting users to create Web3 search and social subscription sources.

Reference: https://foresightnews.pro/article/detail/33908