How to solve difficulties in using Ledger?

Solving Ledger issues.

Author: @0x_Todd

Given that I have to fight with Ledger for 300 rounds every week (one or two hours wasted on stabilizing due to weekly bugs), I decided to start a thread on the difficult miscellaneous diseases of Ledger Live not being able to connect to Metamask, specifically to summarize some of the difficulties of using Ledger and their solutions (proper + metaphysical solutions).

First, be wary of all the posts in this thread. Many Twitter robots pretend to be customer service and contact you, but they are all scammers. Ledger or Metamask have one customer service per company, and they are very high cold and do not leave you private messages.

First, there is the hardware aspect. It uses an Android data cable, but it is picky. Sometimes there is no response after it is connected, and it may be poor contact or too old a version. So try to use the original, but the original seems to be of average quality, so if there is no original, buy the latest Android data cable online (do not buy the old one).

Next is the software level. Both Ledger Live and Metamask must use the latest version and keep updating. PS: A metaphysical suggestion is to try not to use the built-in update of Ledger Live, but to download it from its official website. Once I had a bug, and I couldn’t connect when I used the built-in update. I was so worried that I had a headache. Later, an old friend on Reddit said that I had to download it from the official website. I followed suit and it worked.

Software Layer 2

After a certain version, Metamask changed the setting and requires using “webHID” instead of “Ledger Live”. Note: I didn’t write it backwards, isn’t it funny? I want to connect Ledger Live, but I can’t choose Ledger Live. I don’t know how many people have been misled. Solution: In Metamask Settings-Advanced-First Ledger Connection Method.

Software Layer 2.5

The most annoying thing is that after using webHID, Ledger will not automatically jump to the transaction. At this time, you need to open the “ethereum” program in the Ledger hardware. Other EVM chains must use this ethereum, including polygon, L2, etc., otherwise, the transaction will not pop up.

Software Layer 3

Sometimes friends in mainland China who use Ledger need to use some scientific online services. Note that ordinary scientific online is not possible. You need to use “TUN mode”. If you don’t know what this mode is or your scientific online software doesn’t support it, please google it.

Hardware and Software Layer 1 – Blind Signature

Blind signature in Ledger needs to be enabled in order to initiate transactions. The option is found in the “ethereum-setting” of the hardware.

Hardware and Software Layer 2

If some complex smart contract operations are needed, debug mode has to be enabled. For example, in order to perform staking on’s “launchBlockingd”, blind signature is not sufficient and debug mode is required. The cost is that you will need to authorize multiple times and your hand may cramp from pressing buttons too much.

If the above solutions don’t work, try some mystical solutions like changing the USB port, changing nodes for scientific internet access, restarting the computer, re-downloading Ledger Live, using another computer, or trying again the next day. If all else fails, you’ll have to send an email to Ledger, but based on my experience, their replies are usually of limited use and full of clichés.

Since Ledger is already a niche product, Chinese content is even rarer. I found various solutions from different forums, but every time it took me a lot of time. After recalling it today, I summarized them and hope they can help everyone. I also wish you all a happy use and no bugs encountered~