Evening Must-Read | Analysis of Sui Ecosystem Data and Token Release

Sui Ecosystem Data and Token Release Analysis

1. Loan agreement Venus Protocol caught in BNB liquidation storm: a quick look at the event

Recently, as a result of the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance, BNB prices have plummeted. When the BNB price dropped to around $255, news broke that the attacker from last year’s BNB Bridge hack had a large-scale liquidation risk in their BNB position on Venus. This incident has attracted widespread attention from the market and investors, prompting Venus Protocol officials to issue clarifications. Click to read

2. Socialfi is not alone. Where is the future of Web3 social networking?

Social applications are public goods that are important for communication between people and for freedom of speech. In the world of Web2, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WeChat, and other applications are national-level social applications with massive user bases. Apart from national-level applications, there are also social products like Discord and Tinder that dominate vertical classification circles or meet people’s specific needs. Click to read

3. A16z Crypto Startup School 2023: A List of 25 Graduating Projects

On June 8, 2023, the a16z crypto team announced that the 2023 Crypto Startup School, which began on March 6, 2023 and lasted for 12 weeks, has ended recently. Crypto Startup School was launched by a16z crypto in February 2020 to help builders start new Web3 projects. After a two-year hiatus, a16z crypto announced the relaunch of Crypto Startup School in October 2022, receiving over 8,000 applications in just one month. Click to read

4. Five YES or NO questions about the Hong Kong VASP bill

After the implementation of the VASP system, the Securities and Futures Commission will regulate securities token transactions conducted by virtual asset trading platforms (involving 1st and 7th licenses) in accordance with the existing system under the Securities and Futures Ordinance, and will also regulate non-securities token transactions conducted by virtual asset trading platforms (involving VASP licenses) in accordance with the VASP system under the Anti-Money Laundering Ordinance. In practice, it is often difficult to determine whether a particular virtual asset is a security, and some virtual assets may change their characteristics over time. Click to read

5. Analysis of Sui ecological data and token release

Since its launch on May 3, Sui has been online for more than 40 days. As one of the representative projects of the Move-based public chain, Sui represents a different development direction from Ethereum L2. Since its launch, the project has been controversial, especially its token issuance and release model. Some people think it will follow in the footsteps of ICP, while others think it may be similar to the new public chains in 2021. Click to read