A Summary of the ‘Pitfalls’ Dug by Vitalik Buterin

Summary of Vitalik Buterin's Pitfalls

Author: Y林 YouAirdrop.ETH.lens Source: Twitter, @YourAirdropETH

At ethcc, Vitalik shared the design roadmap of the aa wallet, which reminds people of how “unreliable” Vitalik’s roadmaps have been over the years.

1. When Eth first started, it was running slowly. Vitalik said he wanted to upgrade it to Eth2.0 and implement sharding, but later found that this path was not feasible. The entire Ethereum Foundation fell into a huge pit. Fortunately, Protolambda and Dankrad proposed danksharding to save the 2.0 plan, and the current kzg ceremony is prepared for danksharding.

2. After the Eth2.0 plan was replaced, Vitalik said that Layer2 should be done first. At that time, there was no op or zk, and the technology he led was plasma. However, it was later found that this path was also not feasible. Surprisingly, offchain labs’ op rollup achieved success, and the Optimism team also switched to op rollup. Perhaps this is also because Optimism was once “tricked” by him.

3. Recently, Vitalik proposed the concept of SBT, and many teams rushed to do SBT projects. Currently, no project has succeeded, and it is not known whether it can be considered as being “tricked”.

4. Vitalik also proposed four solutions for zkEVM, but he eventually said that all solutions should converge towards the first type, which is equivalent to Ethereum. However, zksync announced that it will not converge towards the first type, but towards stark, which was originally in the fourth type.

5. The aa wallet, also known as the account abstract wallet, has been criticized recently, such as the argent wallet. However, due to Ethereum’s poor support for aa wallets, many teams have rushed into this field but have difficulty making profits.

We review Vitalik’s “mistakes” not to belittle him, but to reveal an important fact: in decentralized networks, although Vitalik’s words as the founder often have significant influence, he is still an ordinary person and may make mistakes. We should understand his imperfections and not deify anyone, including the founders. This is a respect for the spirit of decentralization and an important prerequisite for protecting and developing decentralized networks.

In the words of web3: “Listen to the words of KOLs, but don’t buy their coins.”