There are numerous public chains, but users are as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

There are many public chains, but users are extremely rare.

Original Author: @DefiIgnas

Original Source: Twitter

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Note: The original post was made by @DefiIgnas in a long tweet.

A few days ago, I conducted a survey on blockchain user activity, and the results were surprising:

  • 17% of the voters have never used the Ethereum mainnet.

  • 34% have never conducted a Bitcoin transaction.

“Never Used” Percentage Rankings

Here are 7 other important insights from the survey:

The Power of the Cardano Community

Firstly, the Cardano community is very active.

This survey attracted more fans from Cardano compared to other blockchains.

The number of participants from Cardano was 6.3K, while other blockchains had around 2.7K.

However, 64% of the respondents have never used Cardano.

Cardano User Survey

The Real Activity of Litecoin

Secondly, you guys are not using Litecoin.

In the past 7 days, only 28 people have used Litecoin, and over 97.8% either have never used it or last used it a month ago.

This is surprising because in DeFiLlama’s daily active user ranking, Litecoin ranks fifth.

Litecoin is Old, but Can it Still Keep Up?

The Vibrancy of the Polygon Community

The Polygon community is also strong.

The voting for Polygon PoS and zkEVM is 50% higher than other chains.

Polygon and Polygon zkEVM Usage

This indicates that despite the expected $ZKS airdrop on zkSync, Polygon zkEVM is still more active than zkSync Era.

zkSync User Activity

The Most Users in Recent Times

#BNB > #Solana > #Avalanche

In the past 7 days, BNB Chain has had more users compared to Solana and Avalanche.

40% of the voters have never used BNB Chain, and the percentage is even higher for Solana and Avalanche, at 56% and 63% respectively.

BNB Chain is the most widely used chain after Ethereum, Polygon PoS, and BTC.

BNB Chain vs Solana vs Avalanche

Acceptance of Rollup Technology

Voters also prefer to use Optimistic Rollups, second only to Ethereum L1.

In the past 7 days, one-fourth of the respondents have used Arbitrum, followed by Base and Optimism.

Arbitrum vs Optimism vs Base

The Dominance of Ethereum

Ethereum remains the leader.

Although the market appears calm, 37% of you have made at least one transaction on the mainnet in the past 7 days.

However, 17% of people have never used it, possibly due to high gas fees and cheaper alternatives.

Ethereum Network User Survey

The Special Case of Tron

Tron is the reason I originally wanted to conduct this poll.

According to Defillama’s data, it has the highest number of daily active users, but over 70% of voters have never used it.

Tron User Usage

According to your comments, Tron is typically used for CEX transfers and as a payment method in developing countries with weak banking systems.

Note that users may not be on Crypto Twitter, which could lead to biased results.

Limitations of the Survey

Overall, this survey does not meet basic scientific research standards.

It only represents a small fraction of users interested in DeFi on Crypto Twitter.

More importantly, the Cardano and Polygon communities are more active, which could lead to other communities being underestimated.