One-minute overview of everything that happened in the NFT field in the past week

Week in NFTs: A 60-second Recap

ZTX’s social media manager Moritz wrote a recap of everything noteworthy that happened in the NFT space over the past week.

1) Elon Musk follows Vitalik Buterin on Twitter. 2) Nakamigos announced a new chapter to be launched this fall. 3) Azuki announced the launch of a brand new 20k series at the Las Vegas event. 4) ElenaaETH decided to release Atom Ordinals for free after facing strong opposition from the community. 5) The claim period for the physical KodaPendant by OthersideMeta is valid until July 6th.

6) BAYC announced that HV-MTL forging will begin on June 29th. 7) okaybears announced their expansion to Bitcoin. 8) Inspect introduced the first step of Inspect 2.0. 9) Pudgy Penguins store will go live on June 29th. 10) Crypto Punks announced the release of a book. 11) Gods Unchained is now available on Epic Games. 12) @pimpcapital revealed themselves as the mastermind behind the mysterious FAF wallet.

13) SWOOSH x Fortnite Game Airphoria event is now live. 14) Top sales of the week: $286,422 – BAYC #2376, $195,367 – CryptoPunk #8188, $153,637 – CryptoPunk #6012, $153,363 – BAYC #3430.