Weekly Digest | Azuki’s new work triggers “trust crisis”; MicroStrategy buys tens of thousands of bitcoins again; The narrative of production reduction heats up, and BCH and LTC are strong

Weekly Digest: Azuki's new work sparks "trust crisis"; MicroStrategy buys more bitcoins; Narrative of production reduction heats up, and BCH and LTC remain strong.

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Azuki’s new work controversy

Azuki’s new work plays a “spot the difference” game, earning nearly $38 million in 15 minutes, facing a trust crisis and triggering a sell-off

Why couldn’t Azuki Elementals break the curse of “falling as soon as it opens”?

The crazy PUA community made 20,000 ETH, and Azuki’s “sophisticated operation” has sparked public outrage

Is this the “big move” that Azuki has been brewing for over a year?

After being hit by a “double kill” of funds and trust, Azuki’s latest official response was not well received by the community

Are Azuki holders still faithful? How can Azuki regain the trust of the community? Can the small picture narrative still be sustained?

Azuki founder’s first response to “trust crisis”: underestimated the community’s expectations and overestimated the team’s capabilities

Azuki’s founder said he didn’t want to do anything to raise money, nor would he sell the company.

Macro Perspective

Bloomberg interview with He Yi: The “grassroots era” of the crypto industry is over, and global regulation is the trend

For the past six years, a female executive at Binance has successfully avoided global attention, even in the current environment where governments around the world are cracking down on cryptocurrencies-she is He Yi.

Dialogues with three senior KOLs: Bitcoin’s four-year halving cycle, new narratives for the next bull market, and Ethereum’s “unified” position

When will the next bull market come? Can Bitcoin reach $100,000?

How does Wall Street’s entry into the market affect the industry during the regulatory “bear” market?

As the cryptocurrency market is in a slump, several Wall Street giants have unexpectedly announced their entry into the cryptocurrency field. BlackRock has started a wave of applications for spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and EDX Markets (EDX), supported by institutions such as Fidelity, has been launched in the United States. The institutional narrative has restarted, sparking a new debate about the future of the cryptocurrency market. Why did these financial institutions suddenly change their stance on cryptocurrencies? What impact will this have on the industry? Could this trigger a new cryptocurrency bull market?

Blockingntera Partner: Why can Hong Kong become the center of Web3 in Asia and even the world?

With news of recent U.S. cryptocurrency regulations, investors and entrepreneurs have been searching for more favorable jurisdictions for cryptocurrency. Against this background, Hong Kong is rising and becoming increasingly powerful.

Video|BlackRock and other institutions apply for Bitcoin spot ETF, will traditional finance start a bull market in the cryptocurrency circle?

Traditional financial institutions have successively reapplied for Bitcoin spot ETFs, and BlackRock has ignited a hot trend of ETF applications! Once the old money channel is opened, will the cryptocurrency market’s bull market carnival follow? Which institution’s Bitcoin spot ETF application will win the top spot?

Seize the Opportunity

Derivative DEX will lead the next bull market? A comparative analysis of the cost structure, indicators, and growth potential of six protocols

dYdX is unique, but it seems not to be the final solution.

Interpreting the development status of MakerDAO: expected profits are greatly increased, and repurchase rules may be adjusted to capture protocol value

Maker’s recent interest rate adjustments will increase its competitiveness in RWA, and repurchase and destruction rules may also be adjusted. After the new rules take effect, they may directly use existing profits to repurchase MKR.

LSD MAP 2.0: Analysis of factors such as patterns, data, trends, returns, users, etc.

This article will sort out most of the LSD-related projects that can be checked and propose questions, thinking and action guidelines.

6 weeks exceeded one million downloads, how did this Web3 dark horse game successfully break into the circle?

Recently, a Web3 game called “NFL Rivals – Football Game” (referred to as “NFL Rivals”) has stood out from the traditional game market and achieved impressive results.

The application of liquidity in PoS: Berachain, Tenet, Mangate as examples

Berachain, Tenet, Mangate and other projects hope to improve the PoS mechanism to make liquidity more sustainable, increase network security, and improve fund utilization.

Web3 Matters

Depth | Former employee of Harmony, a public chain, exposed that behind the dilemma is the chaos of the management team

Harmony, a public blockchain that was once thriving, is facing accusations from its employees, who are pointing fingers at the founder for breaking promises and controlling employees, such as forcing them to play basketball every day and poor financial management.

Solana Saga domestic unboxing and first test: Is the $1,000 Web3 phone really worth buying?

Saga is cool, both in terms of its backstory and the special meaning Solana has given it in Web3. But Saga is not good enough, at least not as a flagship phone, and falls far short in terms of completeness.

FTX latest developments at a glance: Multiple parties interested in acquiring it, user compensation website to launch in July

When will the FTX bankruptcy case be resolved? The lawyers’ consultation fees have already exceeded $100 million, and the road to user compensation is still long.

ARK and 21Shares’ application for a Bitcoin spot ETF: Will it be listed ahead of BlackRock?

Since the initial application was submitted earlier than BlackRock’s, will ARK and 21Shares’ application for a Bitcoin spot ETF be the first to be approved?

BITKRAFT Ventures’ perspective: How can blockchain games acquire users?

What are the key points in user acquisition (UA) for blockchain games, and how can they be implemented? Top game crypto VC BITKRAFT Ventures offers their perspective and suggestions.

Technical Stuff

What will ZKP+Bitcoin bring?

We are seeing more and more teams adopting zero-knowledge proof technology in blockchain infrastructure and dApps. Some of these new solutions may help accelerate the application of zero-knowledge proof in the blockchain space and help privacy and scalability in better ways. However, most projects are built on Ethereum, and Bitcoin lacks the attention it deserves in the zero-knowledge proof field.

Introduction to the ecosystem: A more segmented, specialized Rollup track

The general-purpose chain aims to maximize the adaptation of smart contract applications, including financial applications. Financial use cases require high security to maintain assets, and in Ethereum, this requirement has resulted in relatively high transaction costs. Although high transaction costs are beneficial for financial protocols, they are detrimental to most users. Even if Ethereum’s Rollup transaction costs are only a few cents, they are still a burden for many high-volume, low-value use cases (social and gaming applications).

Overview of Zero-Knowledge Machine Learning (ZKML) Advantages and Challenges

Bidirectional pursuit of zero-knowledge proofs and machine learning.

Chainlink PoR: Putting Transparency at the Forefront

Chainlink PoR takes a step towards increased transparency for many core products in cryptocurrency. Chainlink PoR can update on-chain reserve data at least once a day and use this data to make smart contracts secure.

Key News

MicroStrategy buys 12,333 bitcoins for approximately $347 million in cash

Hong Kong HSBC Bank allows customers to buy and sell virtual asset ETFs listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange today

Sources: Fidelity is preparing to submit a bitcoin spot ETF application

Islamic Coin, an Islamic encryption project, completes a new round of financing of $200 million

Hong Kong virtual asset rating agency HKVAC announced the calculation method and operation rules of the “large cryptocurrency index”

Meituan: The transaction agreement was reached today to acquire all the equity of Beyond Light Years

Data: The 24-hour trading volume of the BCH won trading pair on Upbit is about three times that of BTC

The US SEC’s lawsuit against Coinbase will begin on July 13th

ARK Invest modifies its bitcoin spot ETF application and may be approved before BlackRock

Everstake: The Ethereum team is preliminarily scheduled to launch a new testnet called Holešky on September 15th to replace Goerli

FTX debtor: FTX owes customers about $8.7 billion, and the new management has already recovered $7 billion

Robert Kennedy Jr. reiterates that if elected President of the United States, he will ensure that the use and ownership of Bitcoin are not violated