Selected Weekly Highlights dominates the encrypted circle; PEPE plummets, founder exposed; Bitcoin oscillates sideways around $26,000.

Weekly Highlights dominates the crypto scene; PEPE founder exposed as token plummets; Bitcoin stabilizes around $26,000.

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Base Chain’s 100+ Ecological Project Map: Leads the Way, Flourishing as a New Layer2 Hotspot

Aside from the popular, what other projects in the Base ecosystem are worth paying attention to?

Personal Tokenization: Has Opened the Curtain on the Web3 Social Era?

A new trend has emerged recently: a SocialFi DApp called Friend.Tech has sparked a new wave, becoming the hottest Socialfi project in the Base ecosystem through its “one-for-three” invitation code mechanism. It is also one of the highly anticipated Web3 projects.

Taking Speculation to the Extreme? Options Contracts Quietly Go Live

Now, you can go long or short on on-chain without directly participating in the product’s download and usage.’s “Net Worth Ranking”: Who is the “Most Valuable Person”? Who is Worth Paying Attention to?

This article will list the top fifteen most “valuable” individuals on and highlight five of them for introduction.

In-Depth Analysis of’s Pricing Model: The Core Design of Virality and Fission

The simpler and more elegant the pricing model, the closer it can approach the blockchain’s highly efficient price discovery.

Macro Perspective

10 Reasons to Believe in the Resurgence of the Crypto Bull Market

The cryptocurrency industry has experienced multiple “deaths,” but each time it manages to revive. With this spirit in mind, we analyze the ten reasons why the cryptocurrency market can not only survive but also thrive and experience explosive growth in the coming years.

The Fluid Feast: How Popular Concepts in the Crypto Market Rotate and the Performance of 14 Mainstream Sectors

Which concepts have risen this year? Which concepts have yet to rise? Among the rising concepts, which ones have appeared the most frequently? How much theoretical return on investment can structural investment opportunities bring? LianGuaiNews’ data column, LianGuaiData, has selected 114 assets from 14 concepts for in-depth analysis of their price changes.

What Impact Will the Approval of Ethereum Futures ETF by the US SEC Have?

Although Bitcoin futures ETFs have been around for nearly two years, Ethereum has yet to have a futures ETF — this situation may soon change.

Arthur Hayes’ Latest Blog Post: The Fed’s Defeat is Inevitable, Bitcoin Will Become the Hero

The market has not yet realized that the faster the Federal Reserve loses control of the US Treasury market, the faster it will recover interest rate cuts and quantitative easing.

Seize the opportunity

Binance Research Institute Account Abstract Report: Development Status and Future Outlook, Ecological Map and Feasible Use Cases

Binance Research Institute has released an abstract report on accounts, providing a systematic description and analysis of the above issues. Due to the length of the report, this article provides an interpretation and summary of the report to help everyone better understand the core viewpoints and conclusions.

Researching the behavior patterns of airdrop experts: average airdrop earnings reach up to $20,000, what is their next target?

Airdrop hunters are mainly real and high-quality users: they actively participate in various blockchain projects, engage in cross-chain transactions, and maintain stable activity on multiple platforms.

Understanding the Public Goods Network, a Layer2 network developed by Gitcoin based on OP Stack (with interactive tutorial)

What makes PGN, the new public chain favored by Gitcoin, so special?

A quick overview of the top ten winning projects at ETHGlobal Superhack 2023

On August 19, 2023, the three-week ETHGlobal Superhack hackathon ended, and 10 winners were selected from 295 projects submitted by 1,200 hackers from 87 countries and 26 time zones.

Laziness is the primary productivity? An inventory of 4 “intent-centric” cryptographic protocols

As Web3 continues to develop, user experience and interaction efficiency have become the focus. Intent-centric allows us to build and operate complex systems in a new way, expecting a more user-friendly, efficient, and transparent decentralized world.

What’s happening in Web3

Unveiling the current situation of Luma Studio: some projects have been lurking for years, shifting towards specialization and operating multiple business models under internal competition

Will the Luma industry face a large-scale shutdown? Let’s listen to how these studios describe their real operations.

Having a private key guarantees worry-free sleep? Sorting out the chaos and legal risks of China’s cryptocurrency judicial disposal

Whether it is the one-sided written authorization obtained by the public security during the investigation stage or the disposal of virtual currency after the court trial, there are generally problems such as illegal procedures, vague regulations, and inconsistent execution methods.

PEPE drops by 16%, “founder” exposed: a 97-year-old photographer who bought a Lamborghini with the money from selling coins

LianGuaiuly claimed that the “founder” behind it used the income from issuing $pepe to purchase a purple Lamborghini worth $865,000, while his team did not give a penny to Matt Furie, the original creator of Pepe the Frog.

Who did 10T Holdings, which manages $1.2 billion in assets but is already “out of ammunition,” give the money to?

As an early investor “bargain hunter,” 10T undoubtedly chose the “Hard” mode for itself.

Explaining THORChain’s cross-chain lending: The continuous destruction and minting of RUNE, high fees and low capital efficiency may affect adoption

Although THORChain’s lending scheme has no interest, no liquidation, and no expiration date, setting up and closing loans will cause deflation and inflation of RUNE, and the THORChain protocol and all RUNE holders are counterparties behind each loan. High trading friction and low capital efficiency may affect usage.

Immutable in the crypto winter: Continuously building game infrastructure

Even in the crypto winter, Immutable has been actively developing new products and is currently building over 150 different types of games in its ecosystem.

Tightening of crypto payment channels, Mastercard and Visa halt some cooperation with Binance

After facing US regulatory charges, Binance’s cooperation with traditional financial institutions is facing numerous challenges, which is a microcosm of crypto institutions being “strangled” by traditional finance.

Base and Optimism reach a “shared revenue” agreement, paving the way for the “Layer 2 Economic Alliance”

On August 25th, Optimism and Base jointly announced a governance and revenue-sharing agreement, which stipulates different governance collaboration models between Optimism and Base in the short and long term, as well as the economic interaction between the two parties.

The Story of NFTs

OpenSea joins the optional royalty camp, mainstream platforms end the era of mandatory royalties, NFT project revenue will be affected

Recently, OpenSea announced that it will close the mandatory royalty enforcement tool “Operator Filter” on August 31st and shift to implementing an optional creator fee model. Why did OpenSea stop collecting mandatory creator royalties? And which projects will be most affected?

Is the NFT market completely cooling off? Analyzing the actual transaction data from the past two years

The current situation of NFTs from 2021 to 2023: Decreased trading volume and participation, but core NFT participants still exist. It is estimated that there are about 650,000 semi-regular participants in the NFT market among cryptocurrency natives, and liquidity is reentering the market, showing that the NFT market is not as bad as traditionally believed.

How can NFT wearables lead the future of digital fashion?

NFT wearables are not a fleeting trend; they are shaping the future of fashion in an increasingly digital world.

a16z Crypto partner discusses NFT royalties: How they work, their evolution, and solutions

People initially had a very positive vision for NFTs: NFT smart contracts enforce secondary royalties on the blockchain, so whenever an artist’s NFT is traded on the secondary market, the artist can make money. This is great because this asset circulates on the internet, and whenever the asset changes hands or is sold, it brings profit to the creator.

Tech Vibe

Understanding Decentralized Reserve Stablecoins: Faced with the Impossible Trinity Dilemma, What “Tricks” are Each Protocol Playing?

In this article, we will delve into these stablecoin protocols that attempt to achieve the Impossible Trinity.

New DeFi Narrative? Interpreting the Smart Contract Security New Model without Oracles

Recently, new DeFi creators are creating new narratives by envisioning innovative lending and derivative architectures, with the commonality that these protocols no longer rely on oracles.

Crypto Tech Celebrity Xiang Ma: Pursuing High TPS in Public Chains is Meaningless, DID+Verifiable Credentials Might Be the Future Direction

As long as there is a chain, there is consensus. With consensus, there are boundaries. With boundaries, interoperability cannot be achieved. What we need is a protocol without boundaries and trust. This is the attribute of the next generation of the internet.

The Security Foundation of the Post-POS Era? A Brief Look at the New Theory “Proof of Validator” Proposed by the Ethereum Community

Key News

Former Vice Chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Xiao Yi, Sentenced to Life Imprisonment

HashKey to Launch Virtual Asset Platform Targeting Retail Investors on August 28, Restricting Investments to Less Than 30% of Total Assets

Binance Labs Invests in zkWASM Virtual Machine Delphinus Lab

Russian Investors Launch Collective Lawsuit Against Atomic Wallet for $100 Million Cryptocurrency Theft

OpenSea Pro to Charge 0.5% Platform Fee on All Orders Starting from August 31

PancakeBunny: The Health Factor of the BNB Bridge Hacker’s Borrowing on Venus is 0.99

F2Pool Co-founder Has Spent 574.1 ETH to Purchase 24 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs Today

Central African Republic Approves “Tokenization Act” to Tokenize Land and Natural Resources

Binance Labs Invests in Pendle Finance to Expand DeFi Yield Opportunities

USDC to Launch on Polygon PoS, Base, Polkadot, NEAR, Optimism, and Cosmos