Weekly Selection | RWA Narrative Heats Up, LSDFi Track Explodes; Review and Outlook of Cryptocurrency Market in First Half of the Year; Meta Launches Threads, Will It Become the “Twitter Killer”?

Weekly roundup: RWA narrative gains traction, LSDFi track surges; Cryptocurrency market review and outlook for H1; Meta launches Threads, aims to rival Twitter.

After the stablecoin UST collapse, will stablecoin protocols that currently use LST as collateral, such as Raft, Ethos Reserve, Shade Protocol, repair market trauma or cause another crash event?

LSDFi narrative outbreak, understanding 3 projects worth paying attention to in the Pendle ecosystem

With the rise of the LSD narrative, Pendle has performed particularly well in a group of LSD track projects with its high-quality project design, team, and token economy. The Pendle ecosystem may soon usher in the PENDLE War. This article will introduce three projects in the Pendle ecosystem that are worth paying attention to.

An analysis of Pendle and its resulting Pendle War

Pendle Finance is a yield strategy protocol deployed on Ethereum and Arbitrum. It launched version 2 at the end of 2022 and changed its economic model and then supported LST assets and went online on Arbitrum.

Macro Perspective

Inventory of the top ten events in the Web3 industry in the first half of 2023

What breakthroughs have there been in the industry in the past six months? What experience can we learn from them and find the next trend? In this issue, let’s review the top ten events in the cryptocurrency market in the first half of 2023 and find the answers.

Signal of the entry of asset management giants stimulates the rebound of BTC, 12 figures interpret the fiery June of the cryptocurrency market

After continuing to be sluggish in May and June, the cryptocurrency industry ushered in a certain degree of recovery in the just-passed “hot” June. Next, let us use 12 figures to interpret the just-passed fiery June.

2023 Financing Semi-Annual Report: Primary market is cold, infrastructure and tool fields lead

How did various Web3 tracks perform in the first half of 2023? This article will take you through the data quickly.

Data interpretation of DEX’s development in the first half of the year: the proportion of Ethereum chain trading volume drops to 54%, and the USDC crisis event promotes trading peaks

The overall DEX market was stable in the first half of the year, but there were also “dark horses”. Among them, Arbitrum accounted for 23.3% of the total DEX transaction volume, up from 3.3%, and Trader Joe’s daily active users doubled. In addition, DEX expanding to multiple chains has become a trend.

Arthur Hayes: Why Bitcoin will become the preferred currency for artificial intelligence?

In this article, I will explain why Satoshi Nakamoto’s creation will become the preferred currency for artificial intelligence. I will present my argument as a series of logical conclusions that build on each other to “prove” that artificial intelligence will choose Bitcoin as its preferred unit of account for economic activity.

Fortune Interview with “Mujia”: How Will the Bitcoin Spot ETF Application Change the Cryptocurrency Industry?

In our conversation, Cathie Wood shared her views on the potential of Bitcoin, regulatory challenges, and her vision for the future of digital assets.

Seizing Opportunities

Crypto Market Q3 Outlook: 9 Catalysts and Key Projects

Before delving into what’s about to happen, let’s assess the standout protocols of the past quarter.

Plain Language Interpretation of Gavin Wood’s Latest Speech: Polkadot in a New Paradigm

At the Polkadot Decoded conference on June 28, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood looked at Polkadot from a new perspective. He suggested that Polkadot be viewed as a multicore computer focused on providing lower-level resources, i.e. computing cores, for blockchains, rather than just existing parallel chains and relay chains. This article will interpret a new paradigm for Polkadot in a way that is easy to understand based on Gavin Wood’s latest speech.

Quick View: Six Catalysts for the Growth of Algorithmic Stablecoin Frax Finance

Ouroboros Capital believes that algorithmic stablecoin project Frax Finance is making various efforts in adoption, Layer2 layout, and revenue, and the buyback plan also limits its downside space.

“Halal Chain” Islamic Coin Attracts Attention, What’s the Secret of Islamic Finance?

In this article, BlockingNews will briefly introduce some knowledge about Islamic finance to help readers and entrepreneurs explore the possibilities of trying to follow Islamic law in the field of cryptocurrency.

Analysis: If the Bitcoin Spot ETF is approved, it may be the largest ETF in history

After BlackRock, ARK and 21Shares, VanEck and Fidelity and other institutions successively applied for Bitcoin spot ETFs, some believe that there will be capital inflows and industry reshuffle, and Bitcoin spot ETFs will become the largest ETF in history.



On July 6th, Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of “Threads,” Twitter’s most powerful competitor to date. So, what are the differences and experiential differences between Twitter and Threads? The following 10 images reveal all.


Ubisoft’s tactical RPG game “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles”, which is said to be Ubisoft’s first blockchain game, is currently in the early stages of development. Whether it will suffer the same fate as “Project Q” and how it will develop in the future remains to be seen.

Gemini co-founder lambasts DCG founder: owed money and acting like a lord? If you keep dragging your feet, we will take up the weapon of law.

On July 4th, Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini, published an open letter to Barry Silbert, founder and CEO of DCG, accusing him of delaying compensation for $1.2 billion owed to 230,000 Earn users, having a bad attitude, using adjustment procedures to deceive creditors, and shamelessly claiming to be the victim. Winklevoss said he could no longer bear it and issued a final ultimatum. If DCG and Silbert do not agree, he plans to sue them on July 7th.

Korea’s first independent “cryptocurrency law” in full: insider trading can result in life imprisonment

On June 30, 2023, Korea’s National Assembly’s Government Affairs Committee passed the country’s first legislation on virtual assets-the “Virtual Asset User Protection Law (가상자산 이용자 보호 등에 관한 법률안)”, which aims to protect users of virtual assets and limit unfair transactions, and will take effect one year after its promulgation (expected to be implemented from July 2024).


NFT’s difficult moment: multiple projects are shutting down, lending platforms are facing serial liquidation and bad debts under the general decline trend

Multiple NFT projects have shut down one after another, and lending platforms are facing bad debt risks. The NFT market is facing a new round of stress tests and survival tests.

How does ERC-6551 usher in a new era of NFT?

ERC-6551 Token Binding Account (TBA) has revealed a new paradigm. Any individual non-fungible token (NFT) can now transcend its traditional role as a purely digital asset and become a fully functional wallet. NFTs are no longer just for show, they are dynamic.

Deep Analysis of NFT Market and Centralized Exchange NFT Business

What is the current market situation, including the competitive landscape of market participants, such as centralized exchanges, and what are their future bottlenecks and prospects? This issue of Bing Ventures’ industry research provides an in-depth analysis of the NFT market and the NFT business of centralized exchanges.

Blur V2 officially launched, what changes are there in the incentive system for points?

In addition to optimizing gas fees, the newly added “Trait bidding” feature changes the Blur points distribution mechanism.

Tech Style

Singapore Monetary Authority MAS: A Detailed Explanation of the Purpose-Bound Money (PBM) Technical White Paper

This article provides a technical overview of the concept of Purpose-Bound Money (PBM), which enables currency to be directed towards a specific purpose without the need to program the currency itself. PBM uses a universal protocol designed to work with different ledger technologies and forms of currency.

The Heretics of the Move Cult: The Mechanics of the Building are Flawed, But it Hasn’t Collapsed Yet

The final response as to why Aptos and Sui aren’t working.

“EIP4844” on Bitcoin: How BRC-69 Reduces Inscription Costs by Over 90%

Simplify the creation of recursive ordinal sets, on-chain pre-reveal process, and reduce inscription costs.

Latest Discovery: BRC-20 Transactions are Not Suitable for BTC-UTXO Label Model

What is the impact of PSBT on BRC20 address labels?

Key News

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission official: The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission will change its view of STOs and has the opportunity to open up to retail investors

Tencent News “Qianwang”: Binance has recently contacted Hong Kong regulatory authorities; license applications require at least HKD 100 million as an “entry ticket”

BlackRock resubmits Bitcoin spot ETF application, designates Coinbase as supervisory partner

Multichain on Fantom is suspected of being attacked, and tokens worth over $100 million have been withdrawn

BlackRock CEO: Bitcoin may “completely change finance”

Policy proposal released by HKUST vice president and others: proposes Hong Kong issue a HKD stablecoin backed by forex reserves

Lian Lian Number Science disclosed in the Hong Kong IPO application: plans to establish a virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong

FTX customer claims portal launch delayed, updated to “will launch in the coming weeks”

The Fed releases minutes from June meeting, may further tighten monetary policy

Data: Uniswap transaction volume surpasses 200 million

Data: Grayscale GBTC negative premium rate has narrowed to 26.76%