Weekly Selection | Payment giant LianGuail enters the stablecoin market; MakerDAO introduces an 8% interest rate for DAI deposits, attracting whale arbitrage; Will the entire chain gaming industry usher in a turning point?

Weekly Selection | LianGuail enters stablecoin market; MakerDAO offers 8% interest rate for DAI deposits, attracting whale arbitrage; Turning point for the entire chain gaming industry?

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LianGuaiyLianGuail Launches Stablecoin

Breaking News: US “Alipay” LianGuaiyLianGuail launches stablecoin, compliance regulation, massive funds follow?

On August 7th, payment giant LianGuaiyLianGuail announced the launch of the USD stablecoin LianGuaiyLianGuail USD (PYUSD), becoming the first mainstream financial services company to use cryptocurrency for payments and transfers.

New entrant in stablecoin market: Payment giant LianGuaiyLianGuail enters with PYUSD, originally planned to launch on Solana

Compared to other stablecoin projects, PYUSD has the regulatory compliance advantage of the banking system, and user assets will be protected in the event of bankruptcy. However, PYUSD still has a long way to go to break the competition in the stablecoin market.

PYUSD: A stablecoin in appearance, but a tech giant version of CBDC?

This article will explore what PYUSD means for the future of blockchain.

Financial giant LianGuaiyLianGuail enters the game, marking a turning point in the stablecoin war?

LianGuaiyLianGuail’s PYUSD is the first stablecoin issued by a “non-cryptocurrency” company. It represents a general attitude change towards stablecoins among enterprises and a belief in the acceptance of upcoming policies.

The Rise of Full-Chain Games

The Golden Key of Full-Chain Games: Arcade Accounts

Speculating on Full-Chain Games: Freedom, Liberation, Authenticity – Unfolding Game Core On-Chain

If a game’s purpose is only to satisfy the demand of “audience” for killing time on the couch, then it is worth developing towards “high definition” and “multi-sensory content”. However, if we hope for a game that leans more towards “innovation,” “freedom,” “liberation,” and “authenticity,” a game with revolutionary significance, then high-definition content is not the most important thing. What is more important is “coolness” and the skill of leaving blank spaces to ensure realism and interactivity.

Inventory of AW Infrastructure: From Arcade Accounts to Trustless Relay on High-Speed Rail Network – Is it a “Singularity Moment” for Full-Chain Games?

Now in 2023, the concepts of full-chain games and AW have once again come back, “telling the story of blockchain with chain games again.” Is it a new wine in an old bottle or a rebirth through baptism by fire?

Analysis of the Whole-chain Game Core: MUD Engine and World Engine

From a broader perspective, with the improvement of infrastructure, not only games but also the construction and implementation of various complex ideas will be carried out through MUD, and integrated with more complex Rollup solutions. The new paradigm of blockchain may start from the whole-chain game.

Macro Perspective

Scenario: What will be the market situation if BTC reaches the milestone of $100,000?

This report will estimate the share of total market value, valuation of new assets, and various types of race tracks under the assumption that BTC is expected to reach $100,000, in order to simulate, preview, and refer to the industry reshuffle in the next week.

Explanatory Analysis of Web3 Policies in Hong Kong since the “Declaration” was released

Until today, the policies on the declaration have been implemented one by one. In the past 10 months, various regulatory and other departments have gradually implemented the policies. Following the financial center, Hong Kong may soon become the center of global Web 3.0.

Profile of Arthur Hayes: From Financial Genius to Crypto Enthusiast

This article combines multiple materials to humorously narrate Hayes’s career story. It is evident that his excellent educational background, bold and meticulous thinking, value of pursuing high-risk high-reward, and adventurous spirit with a rebellious nature have shaped the present Hayes.

Seize the Opportunity

Understanding Circle’s Programmable Web3 Wallet in 10 Sentences

Circle announced the launch of a programmable Web3 wallet, which is the first product in the company’s Web3 service product line. It is designed for developers and can embed a secure encrypted wallet into any application.

Is Layerzero Airdrop Coming? Everything You Need to Know about $ZRO (with Tutorial)

Recently, there has been increasing buzz about the Layerzero airdrop. This article organizes various potential references and internal logics observed by Web3CN about the Layerzero airdrop.

SSV Starts Limited Launch, DVT Enters Practicality

On August 8th, ssv.network released a detailed introduction to the information of the mainnet verification operator (VO), in order to cooperate with the new workflow after entering the limited launch stage on August 1st. 20 mainnet verification operators will truly participate in the node operation of SSV, marking that it is one step away from a true DVT cluster.

What to Expect from Wreck League, the Chain Game Emphasized by Animoca

In cooperation with Yuga Labs, Animoca co-founder Yat Siu sets up a personal prize pool and may personally participate in the combat game Wreck League. What makes it special?

A summary of 10 recent projects worth paying attention to: DeFi, DEX, games, and on-chain tools

The author has selected 10 innovative projects worth paying attention to, including DEX, games, on-chain tools, etc. In addition to DeFi-related projects, there are also two insurance projects worth noting, one being a life insurance project supported by BTC and the other being a platform that provides insurance for tied assets.

“Your social circle represents your value.” How does decentralized social application friend.tech interpret this statement?

Simply put, friend.tech is a decentralized social platform that allows users to purchase shares (Shares) of any user on friend.tech through the Ethereum on Base Chain, which is strongly tied to Twitter (now renamed X), giving them the right to have direct conversations with that user. There is also the possibility of making profits from it.

Web3 Matters

“All In” becomes popular, and blockchain becomes even more “dark”

How to break the label of “cryptocurrency equals fraud” when “All In” becomes popular?

After the price “skyrockets” and then “dives,” what will YGG do next?

YGG, which is currently in a bear market, has achieved nothing remarkable. The recent surge in the market can only be described as a “bloodbath” in the secondary market caused by the lack of liquidity due to contract launches and concentrated chip movements. Under the attack of both long and short positions, the beneficiaries are probably only institutions.

An uncontroversial proposal: MakerDAO raises DSR to 8%. What are the pros and cons for the protocol?

MakerDAO co-founder Rune proposed an enhanced DAI savings rate scheme, and this proposal has been implemented. Understand the background, process, and impact of this scheme.

Is CZ the true “crypto savior”? Binance’s reserve proof shows that CZ spent $3.5 billion to buy cryptocurrencies at their lowest point

Aleksandar, a researcher, inferred from Binance’s reserve proof that after the Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse, CZ withdrew the USD reserve and bought BTC, ETH, and USDT, avoiding the collapse of the crypto market.

In-depth research: Can Algorand, a public chain focusing on developers and marketing, make a comeback?

Algorand, a pure proof-of-stake blockchain, has changed its focus from technology to marketing and developers. Can it become a leading public chain in the future?

Performance art or hidden motives? Bold speculation on the reasons behind nd4.eth’s consecutive burning of large amounts of assets and their identity

What other related addresses does nd4.eth have? How many assets are involved in the burning? And what is the true identity behind nd4.eth? Is it really as simple as being betrayed by a girlfriend, as rumored online?

POW track turns red and boosts Dynex, but behind the skyrocketing price lies multiple community doubts

With the help of the AI trend, the rising star POW project Dynex has attracted attention due to its skyrocketing price. However, it has also faced multiple doubts from the crypto community, with negative news such as the founder being suspected of fraud and plagiarizing the whitepaper constantly emerging.

Talking about NFT

“It only takes 1,000 loyal fans to support a KOL.” Why is NFT the best medium to achieve this theory?

(Music) NFT is the perfect representation of “creation + fan relationship” and combines “creation + fan rights + social identity” in one. It has a low barrier for creators to issue their work and is a better target for users to support creators.

BAYC July Data Report: What achievements did the top NFT brand make during the winter?

In this report, we will explore the data from multiple dimensions of the Yuga ecosystem, including news and upcoming events from Yuga Labs, data analysis of BAYC and ApeCoin, holder trends, highest sales, lending situations, and game economy.

“Fat Penguin” CEO refutes “NFT is a money-making tool”: 6 key points for NFT development

In the article, Luca Netz systematically explains the importance of commercialization for NFT project development from six aspects. This includes using the “funnel” model to explain how profits will eventually flow to NFT holders, as well as combining supply and demand relationships to explain why some blue-chip NFT projects will gradually return to zero.

Technical Style

An analysis of the BOLD verification protocol: How to make Arbitrum more decentralized?

BOLD achieves the best latency boundary in confirming results and also linearly limits the work required by the honest party against the interests confiscated by the adversary.

Using Tornado.Cash as an example to reveal scalability attacks in zkp projects

In this article, we will take the Tornado.Cash project as an example, modify some of its circuits and codes, and introduce the process of scalability attacks and corresponding preventive measures in the project. We hope that other zkp projects will also pay attention to this issue.

Exploring Bitcoin Rollups: The best scaling solution?

In this article, we will focus on another solution for Bitcoin scaling: Rollups. Compared to the Lightning Network and sidechains, Rollups have the potential to improve the scalability, privacy, and programmability of Bitcoin without sacrificing its core value and functionality as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

A detailed explanation of Vota: Exploring optimal voting technology for specialized infrastructure in decentralized community governance

In this article, we explore the method of building specialized blockchain infrastructure designed to facilitate MACI-based voting activities.

Key News

Court rules that lending Bitcoin carries the risk of non-repayment

Ministry of Public Security: Cracking down on insider leaks of personal information in the industry, closely monitoring new technologies such as ChatGPT and blockchain

Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission: Certain unlicensed virtual asset trading platforms using improper business practices

Sei Network: The main network includes Sei airdrops and incentivized testnet rewards.

HSBC Hong Kong responds to “difficulty in opening accounts”: Licensed virtual asset operators can open accounts after KYC and AML reviews.

LianGuaiNews APP’s point mall is officially launched, and PT points can be exchanged for prizes.

In July, the seasonally adjusted CPI annual rate in the United States recorded 3.2%, the first acceleration since June 2022.

Coinbase’s Base mainnet is officially open to the public.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore promises to provide up to 150 million Singapore dollars for technology and innovation in the financial sector, including Web 3.0.

Binance Labs invests $5 million to purchase CRV and supports the deployment of Curve on the BNB Chain.