Weekly Selection | Uniswap v4 Plans to be Released; Fed Pauses Interest Rate Hikes; Judge Denies Asset Freeze Order, Can Binance US Settle with SEC?

Weekly Selection: Uniswap v4 plans to be released; Fed pauses interest rate hikes; Judge denies asset freeze order. Can Binance US settle with SEC?

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SEC vs. Binance

Binance lawsuit takes a turn: Judge denies asset freeze, could reconcile with SEC?

According to US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, “there is absolutely no need” for a restraining order if the parties can agree on restrictions. The judge also ordered Binance.US to provide the court with a list of its business expenses and asked the parties to continue negotiations.

Who are the ‘leakers’ behind Binance’s regulatory troubles?

This article reviews the “leakers” behind Binance’s regulatory troubles.

Legal and policy experts interpret the future of the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase

Will the SEC win? Will Binance withdraw from the US? What will Congress do? As the SEC launches a broad lawsuit against crypto giants, this article invites various experts to explore the future of the matter.

With extensive law enforcement experience and a deep regulatory background, can Binance.US lawyer George Canellos win the hard fight against the SEC?

“Canellos has a rare and very special background combination – he has served as a prosecutor for the SEC and the Department of Justice, like Liam Neeson plus Perry Mason (the brilliant lawyer in the famous American detective novel author Earl Stanley Gardner’s pen) “

Macro Perspective

SEC frequently targets crypto, Gary Gensler, who transitioned from a financial Jew to a tough regulator, controls the situation

Gensler’s big cleanup of the crypto circle is entering its climax.

Vitalik: To achieve large-scale implementation, Ethereum must undergo three transformations: L2, wallet, and privacy

When Ethereum transitions from a young experimental technology to a mature technology stack that can truly bring open, global, and permissionless experiences to ordinary users, this stack needs to undergo three major technology transformations.

Analyze the current state of the encryption market: when will the next bull market arrive?

The “ChatGPT” moment of the encryption industry has arrived, requiring more effective innovation. Innovation is about making blockchain serve the broader economy effectively, rather than the self-gratification of some so-called crypto natives. When and how the former will happen remains to be seen.

US Department of Justice full text: Two Russians stole 640,000 bitcoins from Mt. Gox

Since 2011, Bilyuchenko and Verner have stolen a large number of cryptocurrencies from Mt. Gox, leading to the bankruptcy of the exchange. Bilyuchenko allegedly used the illegally obtained funds from Mt. Gox to continue to participate in the notorious cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, laundering money for cybercriminals around the world.

Seize the opportunity

Inscription 2.0 era: Can recursive inscriptions promote Bitcoin’s on-chain smart contracts?

The emergence of recursive inscriptions has opened up possibilities and imagination for the Bitcoin chain that was previously unable to be interoperable, unprogrammable, and poorly scalable.

Inventory LSDFi categories and 8 early projects worth paying attention to

In this article, BlockingNews will take stock of LSDFi early projects worth paying attention to in various recent categories.

Redwood lead investment, test network launched, quick view of Layer2 network Taiko interaction tutorial

A nanny-level tutorial on Taiko alpha-3 test network interaction.

An article explaining Gensyn: a blockchain AI computing protocol that has raised more than $50 million in three rounds of financing, led by a16z

How did Gensyn win huge financing in the fiercely competitive AI track? How has this blockchain startup, which has been established for more than two years, achieved democratization of computing and become an important infrastructure component of Web3 applications?

A quick overview of Archway, the value capture chain that will soon be publicly sold on Coinlist

CoinList will launch the Archway (ARCH) token sale at 01:00 on June 16th Beijing time. With the sale of tokens, Archway officially begins its journey of value capture.


A Deep Dive into Uniswap V4: A “Swiss Army Knife” DEX

The updates to Uniswap V4 may further increase its position in the DEX space. The “hooks” feature will greatly improve the flexibility and composability of the protocol, while Singleton contracts, instant accounts, ERC-1155 tokens, and support for native ETH will all help reduce gas fees.

USDT’s Slight Anchor Drift: Market FUD Leads to Significant Decrease in 3Pool Liquidity on Curve

There were many different explanations for the market’s confusion, but some analyses and speculations did not hold water. The Curve 3pool can no longer be a major source of liquidity for the stablecoin market, and Curve has also lost its pricing power over the market.

Why is DOT Considered Software While Many Other Well-known Public Chain Tokens are Considered Securities by the SEC?

This article explores the compliance path of Polkadot.

Could Polygon Become the “Internet Value Layer”? An Introduction to Polygon 2.0

This article aims to explore Polygon 2.0 and help the crypto community understand why Polygon wants to build the “Internet Value Layer.”

Ethereum’s Next Dencun Upgrade: Includes Five EIPs, Merges Cancun Upgrade

The term “Dencun” is a composite word of “Cancun” and “Deneb.” “Cancun” is the name of the Ethereum execution layer upgrade, while “Deneb” is the name of the protocol layer upgrade. It will further improve the Staking infrastructure and reduce GAS fees. There is currently no specific date for the upgrade, but it is expected to go live by the end of 2023.


Why Does zkSync Always “Crash”? An Exploration of the zkSync Workflow

Some friends have complained that zkSync always crashes, but “crash” is a bit of an exaggeration. The more accurate description is that “block production is unstable.” Essentially, the time it takes for Sequencer-submitted transactions to be Verified is not stable, but users do not perceive this instability on the interaction side because zkSync’s Verify design has a confirmation lag.

Kakarot: A Zk-EVM That Vitalik Buterin Thinks is Cool and Invested In

Kakarot zkEVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) implemented in Cairo, which recently received seed funding from Vitalik Buterin and several co-founders of StarkWare. So what is Kakarot? Let’s take a look together.

Details of the Features of the Validity Proof Rollup and Cairo VM Technology

Rollup is a hot topic this year regarding Ethereum scaling. Among various types of Rollups, we believe that Validity Proof Rollup (VR, also known as zk-rollup), which adds Ethereum throughput in a secure and decentralized manner, is the most promising scaling solution.

Project Research | Research Report on the Modular High-Speed Execution Layer Fuel

Fuel Network is an Ethereum scaling solution that claims to be the fastest execution layer of a modular blockchain stack, providing the highest security and most flexible throughput for decentralized applications.

Key Information

China International Capital Corporation issued RMB 200 million worth of tokenized notes on the Ethereum blockchain

US Congressman introduces bill to fire SEC Chairman Gary Gensler

Venus Protocol: If BNB reaches the liquidation threshold, BNB Chain will take over the platform’s BNB position

Binance Launchpool Launches New Project: Maverick Protocol (MAV)

The Federal Reserve suspends interest rate hikes and keeps the benchmark rate unchanged in the range of 5.00%-5.25%

Former SEC official: Multiple signs indicate that the US Department of Justice will submit or has submitted criminal charges against Binance

Zhao Changpeng: Binance did not sell Bitcoin or BNB, still holds FTT

Forbes Reveals: Chen Guangying is the mysterious executive in charge of Binance’s finances

BlackRock has submitted a Bitcoin spot ETF application

The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission issued the “Shanghai City” Metaverse “Key Technology Research and Development Action Plan (2023-2025)”