Evening Read | Why Betting 100% on Ethereum is Not a Good Idea

Why Betting Only on Ethereum is Risky | Evening Read

1. Pantera Capital Partner: Understanding Vega, a Specific Application Chain Focused on Derivatives Trading

We are in the midst of a transition from centralized finance to decentralized finance. Vega is a Web3 native derivative layer that aims to lead the way in the derivatives market process. Vega is a specific application proof-of-stake blockchain designed for high-throughput derivative trading, with trading volumes that can compete with centralized counterparts. The network is entirely owned and operated by the community, ensuring true decentralization from the moment of network release. Because Vega is a specific application chain, it can easily scale to different centers, allowing for new forms of liquidity as it expands. Read More

2. Report on Developer Activity and Contributions in the Cryptocurrency Field in 2023

As of June 1, 2023, the number of monthly active open source developers is 21,300. Today, the number of monthly active developers is even higher than it was in November 2021, when the cryptocurrency market reached a historic high. However, the number of developers has declined in the past year. Read More

3. Ideas and Perspectives of Web3 Entrepreneurs in 2023

I’ve been in Shanghai for almost five months now and have met many excellent application entrepreneurs who have transitioned from Web2 to Web3. Here are some of their recent ideas and perspectives for your reference. In addition, they are quite upset about Elon’s thread restrictions, as this has caused problems for reading long articles. Read More

4. Mint Ventures: MakerDao’s Hidden Dangers Are Not Just RWA Exposure

This issue of Clips focuses on MakerDao, a recent hot topic in RWA and DeFi blue-chip projects. The author attempts to analyze the internal and external factors behind MKR’s rise and evaluate its advantages, challenges, and long-term hidden dangers from Maker’s business perspective. The following article is the author’s interim opinion at the time of publication and may contain factual errors and biases, and is for discussion purposes only. We also look forward to corrections from other investment research peers. Read More

5. Perspective: Why Betting 100% on Ethereum Is Not a Good Idea, Using Lens and dYdX as Examples

In recent days, the crypto community has been strange, with Ethereum maximalists showing a self-righteous attitude that is only comparable to Bitcoin maximalists in terms of annoyance.

I understand. This situation started with the Multichain vulnerability and unfortunately had the most impact on the Fantom blockchain. I don’t know why this would make Ethereum maxis feel superior to others, as similar vulnerabilities could also potentially happen on Ethereum. Read more