Evening Reading | Why is the SEC Chairman Cracking Down on the Cryptocurrency Market?

Why is the SEC Chairman Cracking Down on Cryptocurrency?

1. Sailing to Malaysia: Does Web3 Still Need to Dance with MLM?

In May, the co-founder of Web3 social app Freeper, along with colleagues, decided to establish an operational team in Malaysia after conducting a survey. The team will be responsible for product promotion in Malaysia and nearby countries such as the Philippines and Indonesia. Click to read more

2. Electric Capital: Analysis of Key Mechanisms for Value Capture in Rollup

There are several key narratives in the cryptocurrency field over the past two years, one of which is the rise of L2. L2 has attracted tens of billions of TVL in a short period of time, and the transaction volume on Arbitrum alone can rival that of the Ethereum mainnet.

However, there is still a critical question: are L2 tokens only valueless governance tokens? Or can these L2 tokens accumulate real value? Click to read more

3. A Deep Analysis of Archway: The Value Capture Chain of Cosmos

CoinList recently conducted an in-depth interview with the Archway team, asking 7 questions to dive into Archway, such as the real-world problems Archway solves, the differences between Archway and other Layer 1 blockchains, use cases, the utility of the ARCH token, and the trade-offs between building on Archway or developing their own application chain. Blocking0xxz compiled the interview between CoinList and Archway. Click to read more

4. An Inventory of Potential LSDFi Projects in the Early Stage

After repeated hype, the market has a high level of understanding and corresponding attention to the LSD track. The certainty of the future development of the LSD track is beyond doubt, but mainstream targets face weak marginal changes, and high certainty makes the market almost no effective expectation difference to provide high-odds trading opportunities. At this time, due to the continuous expansion of the scale of the underlying LST, the new LSDFi protocol built on this asset will become the alpha of the entire LSD track. Click to read more

5. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s Latest Speech: Why Crack Down on the Cryptocurrency Market?

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler gave a speech at Piper Sandler’s Global Exchange and FinTech Conference on June 8, emphasizing the importance of regulation, from the signing of securities laws to Howey testing, and listing a series of SEC law enforcement actions against the cryptocurrency market, emphasizing that the cryptocurrency securities market should not be allowed to damage the public’s trust in the capital market. Investors should not be harmed by the cryptocurrency market. He also pointed out that the current regulations are clear, and issuers, broker-dealers, and exchanges should know exactly how to comply. This is not a problem of insufficient guidance, but exchanges just don’t want to do what they have been told by regulatory agencies. Click to read more