Why did Ultra Sound Relay become the most popular relay in the MEV-Boost market share?

Why is Ultra Sound Relay the top choice in the MEV-Boost market?

Thanks to the Optimistic Relay mechanism, Ultra Sound Relay has become the Relay with the highest market share in MEV-Boost. Ethstorage engineer 0xhhh wrote an overview of the mev-boost Relay workflow and analyzed and interpreted the data and competitiveness of the Optimistic Relay.

In the workflow of Relay, Relay actually receives the Block propagated by Builder and simulates execution (the Block Bid only takes effect after this block succeeds). On the other hand, Optimistic Relay increases the Real Block Auction by removing the Block Simulation. After removing the Block simulation phase, Relay cannot guarantee the validity of the block. Therefore, it requires Builder to pledge a deposit here to avoid Builder intentionally creating invalid blocks. This also brings some drawbacks, including making Relay more centralized and increasing Builder’s additional operating costs.

The idea proposed by Ultra Sound Relay to further optimize the Relay workflow is to reduce block propagation delay. The implementation is as follows: Builder first sends Block Header and Block Bid to Relay, and Bid takes effect after Relay receives the Block Header. Then the Block Body is received asynchronously, which can further improve the Builder’s Real Auction Time. This will give Builder a greater competitive advantage after the introduction of Blob data in EIP4844, because large blocks at that time will obviously bring greater block propagation delays.

In the past 14 days, Ultra Sound Relay has been the Relay with the largest market share. Most of the Blocks submitted optimistically at Ultral Sound Relay ultimately won the Auction. The data shows that Optimistic Relay can indeed give Builder a better competitive advantage, because it can submit blocks later and construct higher-value blocks. However, currently only Ultra Sound Relay supports this method, and I believe that there will be more Optimistic Relay in the future, and Relay will become more centralized.

Reference: https://twitter.com/hhh69251498/status/1679088268204466176