Changtui With 10 million US dollars, if you allocate 1 million US dollars to buy coins in the secondary market, what coin would you buy?

With $10 million, if you allocate $1 million to buy coins in the secondary market, which coin would you choose?

Original author: Lin Wuxian SamLam, DujunX

Original source: Twitter

Note: This article is from @samsir1997’s Twitter, organized by MarsBit:

If you have $10 million, and you take out $1 million to buy coins in the secondary market, what coins would you buy? You can provide your reasons from multiple dimensions.

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On this topic, I have some personal thoughts to share. First, we need to determine the purpose, whether it leans towards risk or stability. If it is the latter, simple risk-free arbitrage operations can be done, such as Lido, V3, and DeFi operations, which are well-known and do not need to be specifically mentioned. Let’s discuss from the perspective of risk, with the goal being high returns.

Investment is nothing more than a few things: track/narrative, experience/technology, consensus/data, and model/team. As for special influencing factors, let’s not consider them. Today we will talk about something popular that the general public can access, and also share a few targets that I think are good.

1 Gamefi Track – Oasys (OAS)

For the Gamefi track, the previous narrative has always been Fi before Game. But as the industry continues to iterate, some excellent products with a focus on Game have gradually emerged.

Gamefi will develop into something called Cryptogame in the future. This track is huge. With a good model and token model, it can truly immerse Web2 players in a game where they can earn and spend money. Various games have different cycles, while the infrastructure has a wide range and long cycle. Oasys is an EVM-based sidechain jointly issued by Japanese and Korean game giants such as Bandai/Nintendo, etc. It has the advantage of a game ecosystem and does not require GAS to run on it.

I choose targets with a large market capitalization for long-term investment. I believe that the gameplay of this industry can cover traditional games and attract everyone to participate. Therefore, Oasys will have a good advantage compared to other competitors that started later. The majority of investment parties are game giants, and coupled with excellent user experience design, the current chips are relatively low-priced, with the potential to double. I have also deployed my own Gamefi on it, and the feedback and experience are good.

2 Public Chain Track – Telegram (Ton)

Going back to the dimensions of investment targets mentioned earlier, if the previous ones are based on model/team/technology, then this one is a more straightforward consensus. TON, short for The Open Network, is a decentralized L1 designed by Telegram for billions of users. TON had a network circulation market value of $2.561 billion in 2022, ranking 23rd in the world. It has been in a downturn due to market and certain organizational restrictions, but its huge market ecology and multi-blockchain architecture, plus excellent user experience, make me willing to vote for it. It has great potential, although it is not a native Web3 product, it already has enough chips as a foundation. For example, recent Tg Bots are essentially developed based on the TG ecology. This choice is also a kind of bottom-level insurance.

BTC L2-Stack Network (STX) The consensus foundation of BTC provides opportunities for BTC L2 in this track, and STX is the leading player. STX is used to execute BTC smart contracts written in the Clarity programming language, process transactions, reward miners on the Stacks network, and allow holders to earn coins through stacking. With millions of dollars in investment, this coin, which has a flywheel effect and DeFi characteristics, is quite good.